My friend James (@cerealgeek on birdsite and author of the definitive He-Man/She-Ra cartoon guide: ) and I have been working on an unofficial, old-school He-Man fan-comic, called Masters Of The Universe '85. James has been putting out the pages on birdsite and FB, which is not an ideal distribution strategy for me since I use neither, so I'm gonna repost 'em here for fediverse fans. Here are the cover and first page. Enjoy!

@laemeur Not to be an entitled jerk on the internet, but... had you been able to do any more of these pages? I'm very curious how these turn out. :)

@cstanhope Indeed! We're up to page 9 now. I'll get 'em posted today.

@LoanShark Well, it's not in the script pages I've read ...SO FAR.

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