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LÆMEUR @laemeur

Has anyone ever cooked a "30-minute meal" in 30 minutes? I seem to make every recipe take 90 minutes.

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@laemeur The first couple of times it's like that for me but it gets significantly faster the more streamline I make the the process and stuff. Often the time consuming stuff is getting a better technique for stuff I haven't done before or just being unsure about things.

@ChrisTalleras That's what I keep telling myself. They are optimally 30-minute meals. Practice/experience, an organized kitchen, and a bit of preparedness are necessary to get the execution time down. I am, admittedly, an absent-mided dawdler with a messy kitchen, so... there you go.

@laemeur yeah, me too. But it's just lovely with the feeling of progression and mastery. But unfortunately I won't ever be anything like my sister with cooking. 😢

@laemeur motivational tip: set a timer for 30 minutes. whatever you have at that point: eat. all of it.

you will make it with 10 minutes to spare next time :)