So let me get this straight.

1: you put SSNs in plaintext on a web page
2: you get mad that someone clicked "view source"
3: your actual Highway Patrol patrols the information superhighway?

😂😂😂 sadly good luck getting everyone to agree to one standard of encryption. It's bad enough getting everyone to agree to any standards at all.

[youth pastor sitting, backwards in his chair]: "Jesus was most definitely poggers."

Every play a groove on a that still can be played in a CD player? SDFer Tom Ellard of Severed Heads newest album is just that

The stance by some of the #Diaspora core devs over #ActivityPub is quite honestly disappointing, and kind of perpetuates everything that depresses me over that project.

There are many valid criticisms to be had, but Diaspora in general has done fuck-all to support federation with other platforms, forcing those systems to conform to its own protocol instead.

The do-nothing attitude of their devs is particularly infuriating because their pushback arguments fall flat when compared against other projects. Friendica put the effort in, as did Hubzilla and Osada. None of them have "perfect" implementations by any means, but people within those projects have nevertheless made some kind of effort.

@SDF I think Mastodon covers the need, but a Pixelfed server would be very cool!

Can someone remind me what the name of the ship from the Titanic movie? I can't remember for the life of me.

@NYbill I had the exact same case many years ago. Such a meme case

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