I took up watercolor painting at the beginning of the pandemic. Here’s a cute little Amstrad PPC640 I painted back in May!

@kvothe That really is very good. It may be my recent viewing of Grid computers, but my mind jumped to Aliens (the movie) when I saw that. PS - snap (tho lacking the creativity you show):

@tbn97 I love it! Portable computing from a time when that meant like 30 lbs!

@kvothe yeah, wouldn’t want to commute on PT with that every day. More of a “hmmm, Geeves, I want to write at the beach house, pack the Amstrad and clothing for a week, would you?”. But it’s Amstrad, so I guess it’s more “Shazza, tell Timmy that his bloody suitcase PC isn’t gonna have enough batteries to last a week at the campground, and it’ll probably get stolen or wet or both. That kid needs more bloody sun. Get out and kick a ball, wouldn’t ya. Bloody pansy.”

@kvothe that looks amazing! Also that's a really neat Gemini proxy

@kvothe This is great! You could do a nice series of retrocomputers.

@tbn97 @kvothe Not that making money should be the purpose of art, but if you did do such a series and got nice quality vinyl stickers made, of the type people like to slather their laptop lids with, I reckon they'd sell fairly well, especially the "classics": C64, ZX8*, Apple II...

@solderpunk @tbn97 that’s a really fun idea! It wouldn’t be the first time I had stickers printed and die-cut!

@nakedambition @solderpunk @tbn97 sounds like I need to get back into painting! Gosh, a nice Apple ][e would be fun!

@kvothe Stupendous... how do you keep the colours from bleeding over lines?

@Shufei aww thanks! So watercoloring actually happens in layers, a light diluted color first, then medium, then dark. Sometimes darker colors are just many coats of light ones. It makes it easy to hide mistakes, because light overpainting doesn’t grab your eye. If you zoom in a bit, you’ll definitely see me painting over things accidentally.

Sometimes I use masking fluid, but that’s often when you need something very bright and precise. I used it for the red LED, for instance!

@kvothe I dunno, it looks fab to my eye. I do see a few bleedovers, but when I watercolour it just all runs together and makes a soggy paper, haha. How do you make thin lines? Is it a pen?

@Shufei yeppers! A pen and a ultra fine sharpie, depending on if it’s the outline or not! Recommend getting some high quality paper for the soggy paper problem. The heavier the paper (rated by grams) is going to do a lot better job at absorbing the water without it pooling.

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