Explorations in , day 0: oh my. This is /different/.

Wait? Everything in is a file? Like, I just clone a connection “directory” and write “connect!8000” to /net/tcp/0 and that’s a TCP connection? Holy smokes!

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@glenda I saw that $PATH was basically implemented as a union of directory mounts and... wow!


@solderpunk @glenda someone in one of the toot threads shared the Plan 9 Papers and it’s a really great read!


@kvothe @glenda Yeah, I have read some of them, they are definitely great. My big picture conceptual understanding of the system is currently quite far ahead of my practical ability to actually *do* anything with it. I'm slowly stumbling forward, though...

@solderpunk @glenda ha! Same. I feel really lost around acme, for instance. It’ll take time.

@anthk @kvothe @solderpunk great read, I like it so much that I ordered a paper version

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