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@nf Nice. A lot of people snag on exactly these things, esp. the cmdline.txt. A few comments:

It's important to mention that cmdline.txt requires all parameters on the same line -- unlike the plan9.ini.

For boot time DHCP you simply omit any IP(v6) configuration from the NDB. The cpurc (termrc) script first tries pulling the config out of NDB, then falls back to DHCP. Simply have a sys= ether= entry for the machine.

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If your program uses Rust, that is an implementation detail, not your flagship feature

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@nf 9front. I chose it because 9front seems to have the most active (and count) devs!

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@nff @henesy @csepp Read again what the 5l (arm) linker complains about. You don't have objtype=arm libraries installed on your system, which is why linking fails. You do have arm64 libraries, which is why 7l (arm64) linking succeeds.

@henesy @csepp @nff There's a lot of shared knowledge in the Plan 9 and even broader 9p world — Inferno comes to mind first.

The 9front labeling on 'docs' is incidental and mostly reflects the majority of the user and contributor base that I'm in daily contact with.

Contributions dealing with specifics and differences between different versions of our favorite thing are most welcome, maybe even dearly needed.

@neauoire Definitely weird. Did you select hjfs or cwfs as the file system? And, what exactly does "takes for ever" means? :)

Hjfs is known to be quite a slow fs, but it still shouldn't take /that/ long.

@neauoire I've witnessed many people successfully install it. Which Pi is it?

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I was getting some issues with my thinkpad middle button and drawterm. Turns out it can be fixed in sway config
Should be applicable to X11 too with xinput magic.
Thanks to the magnificent grid people for the troubleshoot!

cc. @solderpunk

@neauoire @CyReVolt @khm In all likelihood 9front's nusb/kb already supports this Wacom tablet.

@moody Also the most actively used. Very important for getting community support when bugs and other troubles get in the way.

@henesy @neauoire Using void fn() instead of void fn(...) is allowed but discouraged in ANSI C, while the Plan 9 compilers reject it outright.

@henesy @neauoire If I'm reading the standard right, ( section points 10 and 14) a declaration with an empty parameter type list should mean the same as void fn(...); which means unknown number and types of arguments. Presumably you then could use va_arg facility in its definition.

In any case void fn() and void fn(void) are of different types.

@neauoire A function taking no parameters needs to be explicitly declared as such by giving it the void type parameter.

void fn(void);

@neauoire @eel You'll have a decent time with Plan 9 communities provided that you allow yourself and others the opportunity to experience them on your own. You may find free-thinking people on the sticky side of labels such as 'cat-v'', 'grid', '9fans', and so on.

Expect disagreement. Demand learning. You'll be fine. That's bad, right?

@sir At least a certain "Pal" seems to hold an otherwise opinion!

Why do you constrain a set of characters allowed in a password, again?

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