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@paul There's a chart on the official website that you can use to assess what'd be your size. If you fall somewhere between I'd go for an upsize.

@paul Look around ebay; I found mine used for $30, or something. There's many variants so be sure to check and match the size and sidedness.

@paul Contour mouse and trackpoint make *the* Plan 9 pointer squad.

Trackpoint is irreplaceably convenient in the *mashing-keys* stage of computering, while I find an honest mouse much lovelier to use for most other pointings and clickings.

@sir I've spent lots an evening on Plan 9 and the only thing I received in return is panic attacks when interacting with any other computosphere whatsoever.

Send help.

@sir I learned about them through your post and have set up two new domains with six mailboxes each.

The basic plan should be more than enough to handle those and at $36 / year (or so) is just ridicolous.

I must say the initial setup of accounts and aliases through the clicky interface is an ass. I don't see why they couldn't have a bulk form where you'd submit an aliases(5)-style file to get going, but that's something to take up with them.

Overall I'm very happy to work with them.

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