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9front emailschaden is released and the SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp 2020 has moved from 9xenpcf-pae to 9front. Par0dy is over, thanks for playing. WelCOM 9Front Parity.


@glenda I've written a sample fs that might help with figuring things out, along with careful reading of the section 5 and 9p(2): src.a-b.xyz/rngfs

If it feels a bit too much I suggest you look a few commits back before I added write support, it was still simpler then. Eventually I'll have both the lite and full versions, with generous comments.

There's also /sys/src/lib9p/ramfs.c but its usage of 9pfile(2) obstructs a lot of important stuff.

@glenda By the way, sorry for the very late reply. I'm not particulary active around here. :)

@glenda Sounds good to me. We already have some articles on programming with 9 on the old wiki. I'll migrate them soon and make a new section.

Just send me an email with the text and I can commit. I can also add you to the editors if you wish.

@cancel @royniang @lains @neauoire I think I remember someone mentioning it was initially just 'xerox', since that was a popular verb to use for the action at the time. They then had to change it because of trademark or something.

@cancel @royniang @lains @neauoire I think that sounds about right. As you mentioned Xerox, notice that Plan 9 (and earlier) GUI programs of the Labs descent often have a 'zerox' action which is used to clone the current file view into a new window. :)

@cancel @royniang @lains @neauoire It meant text copy.

I'm way too young to have used a real Blit, but I've used 9front's games/blit emulator to connect to a public V8 UNIX that aap set up a while ago. Great fun :)

@cancel @royniang @lains @neauoire The earliest uses of 'snarf' known to me are the window system 'mux' and text editor 'jim', both made for a Blit terminal and Research Unix V8 (iirc). This is the early 80's.

@royniang I know right?

I don't think upas(/fs) currently supports moving messages around, so the save thing only works for bare mdirs where you can just copy in the actual mail file. You could still use that I imagine, but you'd have to open the 'sent' mdir separately with upas/fs. And it'd only be local to the machine.

@neauoire @sir Yes, it's a 9front userspace driver for USB HID. It works great with the tablet on my X230t.

@neauoire @sir What are you even trying to do? Get that wacom tablet working? Did you just try running nusb/kb on it? I hold a reasonable suspicion it'll just work.

@neauoire @khm Compiling and installing individual programs works the same way. cd into /sys/src/cmd/nusb and run mk install.

@vu3rdd @khm What's meant by continuing your work is mostly that you can get to your files over the network.

As of yet we don't have a way to persist a user session beyond a single terminal. There is some movement towards that end, but don't hold your breath.

@royniang @khm As far as dump goes, here's how you can do it with samdump: a-b.xyz/0c/3ffa and samload to match: a-b.xyz/c5/190f

It doesn't save the UI state, but I don't find it neccessary as I rarely do fancy layouts.

@royniang @khm It's fine to use a rio window alongside your editor :)

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There were some peculiarities with setting up 9front on the Raspberry Pi, which were not covered in the (otherwise great) 9front FQAs, so I wrote up my notes in setting up on a Pi 3 B+.


Let me know if there are any mistakes or misconceptions there, I'm still feeling my way around here.

@nf Nice. A lot of people snag on exactly these things, esp. the cmdline.txt. A few comments:

It's important to mention that cmdline.txt requires all parameters on the same line -- unlike the plan9.ini.

For boot time DHCP you simply omit any IP(v6) configuration from the NDB. The cpurc (termrc) script first tries pulling the config out of NDB, then falls back to DHCP. Simply have a sys= ether= entry for the machine.

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