@royniang @lains @neauoire Right, but if you want to say it's because Plan 9 called it that, then why did Plan 9 call it that? Same thing applies.

@cancel @royniang @lains @neauoire The earliest uses of 'snarf' known to me are the window system 'mux' and text editor 'jim', both made for a Blit terminal and Research Unix V8 (iirc). This is the early 80's.

@kvik @royniang @lains @neauoire I haven't used Blit before. Did it mean to copy the text selection, or to grab a whole file?


@cancel @royniang @lains @neauoire It meant text copy.

I'm way too young to have used a real Blit, but I've used 9front's games/blit emulator to connect to a public V8 UNIX that aap set up a while ago. Great fun :)

@kvik @royniang @lains @neauoire OK, well, now the Plan 9 Snarf thing makes a little more sense :) I'm guessing they didn't want to use Xerox's "copy" action name, because "copy" already meant to copy a file, and in the early 80s, there wasn't as much reason to follow existing GUI vocabulary. Just my guess, though.

@cancel @royniang @lains @neauoire I think that sounds about right. As you mentioned Xerox, notice that Plan 9 (and earlier) GUI programs of the Labs descent often have a 'zerox' action which is used to clone the current file view into a new window. :)

@kvik @royniang @lains @neauoire I wonder if that's a double-joke, because the Oberon button bar action thing labeled "Copy" will clone the window :P (It also calls copying text as copying, and copying files as copying.)

@cancel @royniang @lains @neauoire I think I remember someone mentioning it was initially just 'xerox', since that was a popular verb to use for the action at the time. They then had to change it because of trademark or something.

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