#plan9 and #9front geniuses, how do I move a message from a maildir to another?

When I “echo 'open maildir maildir' > /mail/fs/ctl” I don’t get a directory I can browse as with the mbox dir from “upas/fs -f”

Oh and how do you get a copy of the email you sent with “mail -s” ?

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@royniang I know right?

I don't think upas(/fs) currently supports moving messages around, so the save thing only works for bare mdirs where you can just copy in the actual mail file. You could still use that I imagine, but you'd have to open the 'sent' mdir separately with upas/fs. And it'd only be local to the machine.

@kvik I’m frustrated now ahaha, looking for a way to smartly cheat it :<

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