There's nearly 8 billion people on earth and every bug I get, every issue I have, no help online, related forum questions with no answers, where the fuck is everybody.

@neauoire the problem is that of those 8 billion only 8 of them use plan 9

@sir Still! I mean, I use plan 9 because there is no other choice?! It's not like, "oh let's use this fanciful things so I can brag about it", have you tried using raspbian?! It's terrible. Every flavor of linux I could find chugs like shit on a Pi.

There has to be some people who want to do computery things with little power with cheap electronics. I cantdon't want to believe that I'm the only one out there. But even if it wasn't plan9, OSX, Windows, Linux, they're all fucked

@neauoire you'd be best off getting better at diagnosing and solving problems yourself

@sir I want to! I have no clue how to even begin to get into that, maybe I should go to school and study computer science so I can find out how to read the 3 bytes that comes out of my usb mouse.

@neauoire break the problem down. Start reading the USB code, find places where you can pick data off the bus to study, study the patterns and behaviors of your mouse, do some reverse engineering.

Take the problem apart into smaller problems with clear actionable goals, and then start working on them. Repeat the process enough times and you'll reach the solution soon enough.

@sir you're right, I'm pissed off, and it's the worst mindset to get anything done. I'm just angry that I'm the one who have to do this.. With so many people using computers, I sometimes hope that I could just USE the thing, and didn't have to build everything everytime.

@neauoire @sir What are you even trying to do? Get that wacom tablet working? Did you just try running nusb/kb on it? I hold a reasonable suspicion it'll just work.


@neauoire @sir Yes, it's a 9front userspace driver for USB HID. It works great with the tablet on my X230t.

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