haha finally giving it a try #plan9
Running on rPi3, compiling is ok, but when linking it doesn't find libc.a. Is that normal? Did I do something wrong?

@nff you are probably running arm64. try 7c and 7l? or whatever the prefix is. look in /arm64/mkfile.

@csepp yapp 7c 7l did it. Weird, looking at this page 9p.io/sys/doc/compiler.html the ARM64 is listed under 6c 6l, but compiling and linking with 6c 6l yealds the same error ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
7c 7l FTW

@nff maybe they renamed it. i think 7c used to be for Alpha or something.

@csepp @nff the 9p.io docs are mostly historical and older

7? was Alpha:

DEC Alpha 7c 7l

From: doc.cat-v.org/plan_9/4th_editi

There was a mail on 9fans/TUHS recently where individual tables were shared

There’s a new documentation effort being brought into being primarily for 9front but @kvik was open to 9legacy as well iirc: docs.a-b.xyz/

@henesy @csepp @kvik uhm that's weird, I'm probably running an old version of 9front. I downloaded the image quite a while ago, don't remember where from :/
I'll try and find the latest version!

@nff @csepp @kvik I think 5? should still work on an rpi3, but I could be wrong

You can always cross compile from a vm, etc.

The image is use for a pi3 is: 9front.org/iso/9front-7781.38d

@henesy @csepp @kvik just tried the latest build(7781) and got the same results, weird. but yeah in the end I can successfully compile and link with 7, just weird it's 5 for everybody else :/


@nff @henesy @csepp Read again what the 5l (arm) linker complains about. You don't have objtype=arm libraries installed on your system, which is why linking fails. You do have arm64 libraries, which is why 7l (arm64) linking succeeds.

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