Wow, people on the plan9 subreddit are total dicks, wtf.

@neauoire tbh one of the reasons i haven't checked out 9front yet is that i'm scared the community is full of reactionaries. 80's-style computing often attracts those very suspect types, apparently

@eel I haven't used 9front much myself yet, but the community does scare me a bit too. Although, the little interactions I had with Sigrid and Aiju gives me hope, they're just amazing.

The plan9 subreddit might be just full of reddit assholes, I don't think it's necessarily answers from 9front people.


@neauoire @eel You'll have a decent time with Plan 9 communities provided that you allow yourself and others the opportunity to experience them on your own. You may find free-thinking people on the sticky side of labels such as 'cat-v'', 'grid', '9fans', and so on.

Expect disagreement. Demand learning. You'll be fine.

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