An "oldie" that I still find thought-provoking. Brad Nelson of Google contemplates the tradeoff of our familiar plain text source code and other representations of "truth".

Apparently, was introduced to the Swiss Museum for Electronic Musical Instruments ( with "I know a guy who has a lot of synths". Obsessive collector Klemens Trenkle has made this the understatement of the millenium.

Following the story about recovering IBM 360s and similar from Nuremberg, here is a more modern take on setting up a hobbyist mainframe.

Buying an IBM Mainframe

Incredible serendipity.

Project History – IBM 360 Model 20 Rescue and Restoration

24 billion transistors. Now to see how the software development process adapts!

Am I the only one who finds it funny that the flagship product name is Colossus (fact:, fiction:

Fellow children of the LispM era, show your support for Kono's proposal to manufacture a space cadet platform for the Symbiosis key set.

Is it just me, or is this analysis stupid? No mention of it being based on data, and I see very little insight into anything.

Programmer migration patterns

Looks awesome...

- The Great Oz Retro-Technology Festival | Retro-Computing / Retro-Gaming Convention Melbourne

Spend four days enjoying the company of other retro-technology enthusiasts at GORF: the Great Oz Retro-Fest, at Urban Camp in Melbourne, Australia from April 24th-28th 2019.

Any analog synthesizer module named for a Doctor Who episode has to be good.

stg/soundlabs - Sea Devils Filter (MU format)

The gifted inventor of the ARP synthesizer line has died at age 93.

Before co-founding Nexus Research Labs (an early op-amp pioneer), Pearlman worked at NASA where he designed amplifiers for the Gemini and Apollo programs. His success at Nexus helped fund the foundation of ARP.

Alan is survived by his wife Buena (a holocaust survivor chronicled
by Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation, and daughter Dina.

There are many slices of CM giving his same curmudgeonly (but rational) message out there. I found this old interview well-framed.

Chuck Moore on the Lost Art of Keeping It Simple - Simple Talk

Got David Pleasance's book over the holiday break. Looking forward to reading this.

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AROS continues to make impressive progress.

Icaros Desktop: Icaros Desktop 2.2.4 now available for download

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