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I'm headed to the arcade tonight to play Miami bass and electro with my friend DJ Megaphysics.

Logical Aggression @ Ground Kontrol Arcade , music starts at 9:00 PM, games set to free play, $7 cover, 21 and over.

I've got the closing set tonight, so I should start around 11:30 PM.

You might be turned off by #Linux podcasts because:

1) They're too long
2) They're too technical

If that describes you, please give mine a shot!

MetaArray IV "Side B" has arrived .. ssh to help build it.

‪come visit our booth at the Vintage Computer Festival west this weekend @ComputerHistory @vcfederation and celebrate SDF32 and - froggyme 🐸 will be streaming live

if you love internetworking, silly hackerings of the for-fun kind, &or are looking for an strong to join, consider @SDF for your home mastodon instance. you can also get a shell account to endlessly explore alongside friendly fellow users!

SDF's IRCd has been updated to the recent InspIRCd v3.2.0 release. ^__^

Today I learned that Rocket.Chat, an open source team communications platform similar to Slack, allows federation! I am a big fan of IRC and XMPP because they are open protocols that allow anyone to set up their own private server. XMPP further allows you to federate your server to other XMPP servers. I definitely need to keep an eye on Rocket.Chat now!…

♲ In 2010 I left Facebook and set out to build a decentralised alternative. What I found out along the way is that it wasn't just Facebook I was replacing. What we created was a privacy-respecting overlay network on top of the internet so we could replace the entire surveillance state with a system where you controlled access to your thoughts and ideas and shared it on a single sign-in decentralised network. In fact we built that, and it works great, but most people rejected it because they don't understand what that has to do with Facebook. Everything and nothing amigo. We've been living in this privacy respecting overlay internet for nearly a decade now and refuse to go back to the old ways. We've always hoped the internet itself would catch on and evolve to meet us halfway, but it seems to be devolving, so in retrospect the architectural design (as an overlay network) turned out to be the correct one.

help celebrate SDF32 now just 9 days away. what will you do to promote SDF on its 32nd birthday?

@MG G.Love has a great thing going tonight on Organized Chaos on

We're dealing with some interesting vnode duplication in the primary filesystem array which is causing kernel panics. save cores have been taken for developers, but it will take awhile to rectify these vnode dupes. we believe there are a lot of them. please stand by, we'll be right back. remember in an outage status can always been found at

To all of the mothers that we know on Mastodon, Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for the love and support that you fill our lives with in the special way that only a mother can. We don't always remember to acknowledge how significant you are to us, but we appreciate the hard work you do in loving each of us into becoming the people we are!


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