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We've acheived 230+ days of consecutive uptime on the main SDF cluster
thanks to the work of Christos Zoulas and Chuck Silvers of the NetBSD
foundation. They were able to identify and isolate multiple kernel bugs in
8.x with the high amount of usage here at SDF.

Tonight the file server 'ol' will be taken down to run through filesystem
consistencies and maintenance. This will begin at 11PM pacific time and
should wrap up just past midnight. Thank you for your patience and

@adamd @cev DJ cev always has an awesome show, but challenging for me to catch live due to timezones. But a really cool thing is that I just now learned about Mixcloud!

@snowdusk_ Take care, friend snowdusk and your fans will be ready for your triumphant return in a few days! Rest well.

@snowdusk_ Awesome set tonight (as always), snowdusk! It's always a great time chatting on COM and IRC during your shows. So many great friends get to connect and have fun together for an hour!

Yes, @adamd I still look in on Mastodon, although not typically on a daily basis these days. I should set up a connection under BitlBee so I can follow Mastodon in my WeeChat.

@jujube Depeche Mode at least made it in this year (2020).

@W10x12_UNO @dubst3pp4 @SDF
Moar stuff to do on SDF:

- find sanctuary from Web2.0
- bboard - Bulletin Board/forum
- Play DJ on OpenMic on anonradio.
- build a personal web page
- practice your UNIX skillz
- chat with people on irc
- get an sdf email address
- read your email in pine.
- use the lynx text browser for viewing web and gopher
- the "profiles" program
- update your finger info
- tunnel your traffic over ssh
- hang out and participate in a really cool community!

‪150 days of uptime! thanks to chuq and christos helping us track down very esoteric kernel in @netbsd @gussunoyoyo @ebijun - we have resumed mirroring NetBSD ftp & nyftp sites are

@cev Great episode of Movement Through Thought (#147) last week! I also learned that you and I share a birthday.

@tomasino I'd be interested in knowing the details of this webservice that forwards SMS for your SIP line.

Tips to #help Mastodon newbies…

- There is an Atom/RSS feed of your public 🌎 and unlisted 🔓 toots! You can find it at <your profile URL>.atom. Using IFTTT, you can archive these toots in a text file on Dropbox. Especially helpful for searching your own toots.

- @crossposter lets you selectively crosspost/not crosspost based on words or symbols. For example, all my toots with 🐘 in them are for Mastodon only! I previously had it set so only toots with 🔁 were crossposted to Twitter.…

♲ “ WhatsApp will be forced to share users’ encrypted messages with British police under a new treaty between the two countries” #slowClap…

⚠️ Alert: Internet shut down across most of #Iraq as of 00:00 5 November with loss of life reported as protests intensify; national connectivity down to 19% of ordinary levels; incident ongoing #iraq_protests #KeepItOn 📉

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