University of Minnesota banned from Linux kernel development and a purge begins:

"Because of this, I will now have to ban all future contributions from your University and rip out your previous contributions"

@kline painful read, but an obvious reaction to unethical behaviour.


Surprise! Experimenting on computer programmers is, contrary to popular belief, human experimentation, & thus is subject to ethical restraints.

@publius @kline Have you checked the math on that? It doesn't sound right. Humans, you say.

@publius @kline Interesting:

Is this human research? This is not considered human research. This project studies some issues with the patching process instead of individual behaviors, and we did not collect any personal information. We send the emails to the Linux community and seek community feedback. The study does not blame any maintainers but reveals issues in the process. The IRB of UMN reviewed the study and determined that this is not human research (a formal IRB exempt letter was obtained). Throughout the study, we onestly did not think this is human research, so we did not apply for an IRB approval in the beginning. We apologize for the raised concerns. This is an important lesson we learned—-Do not trust ourselves on determining human research; always refer to IRB whenever a study might be involving any human subjects in any form. We would like to thank the people who suggested us to talk to IRB after seeing the paper abstract

@mike @kline

What bullshit. I can understand why the kernel maintainers found it necessary to ban the entire University.

@publius "If you have further concerns, please email us at"


I'm pretty sure they would regard that as "voluntary participation". Colour me uninterested.

I may, however, write a strongly worded letter to their IRB.

@kline seeing Greg's reaction, I feel reassured the kernel good hands

@kline so there are such social problems. I learned a thing very important here. Thanks for sharing.

L'Université du Minnesota est bannie du développement du noyau Linux et une épuration est en cours :

"Pour cette raison, je vais maintenant devoir écarter toutes contributions futures de votre université et supprimer vos précédentes contributions"

@kline reading the news about the paper and then seeing this made me realized it really is material for an excellent tale :blobrofl:


Given the sheer amount of value riding on Linux these days, I’m wondering if deliberately sabotaging it would count as a crime or legal liability.

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