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Few things are better than buying random old books online, forgetting about them, and then getting a surprise gift from yourself when they finally show up via media mail

extremely cute formerly-stray kitten 

This little guy showed up in our backyard earlier this week, and then I accidentally trapped him in our garage overnight so now we have to keep him. His name is Dale.

And yes, despite how much I’ve been using and experimenting with 9 over these last few months, I wrote it in Org mode.

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So, I wrote the first draft of that “how I organize all the shit I have to do” guide thing and it’s about 23k words. Now the real work–editing–starts, but I figure it’ll probably end up being a 50-70 page book-like object (and ebook also obviously).

It was a lot more fun to write than I thought it would be.

Thinking about writing some kind of “how I organize all the shit I have to do” ebook because maybe other people with similar jobs will find something there that helps them. Only reason I haven’t yet is being too sensitive about not wanting to be a “productivity guru” asshole.

Submitted some short stories around under the pen name I came up with last week. Thanks for the encouragement to go for it, Masto-friends.

Always fun when the first question the 7-yr-old asks at the dinner table is “so, you may not know the answer to this, but where did God come from?”

started writing a little script in Python for a thing and rage-quit after about thirty minutes and started over in Tcl, where things actually make sense

I'm not the hardcore Emacs person I used to be but I do enjoy writing long structured stuff in Org mode. I finally moved my self-documenting Emacs config to

the fact that the results of this were 60% "who cares" and 40% "get back to work" is just more proof that you all are my kind of people.

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I've got many, many years' worth of followers on Twitter, but now I think I might want to self-publish stuff under a pen name. Is it too late?

Started to write something for the blog and ended up writing something approaching a letter to myself that I’ll probably print, read, and delete forever. Sometimes I need to type things out to know how I feel.

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Very low power personal computing, a thread 

Thinking about what would be a happy combination of devices and computers for a really useful (and also fun, this is important too) person computing setup geared towards maximum utility and minimum computer/energy requirements. Clearly this is somewhat inspired by my recently renewed interest in PDAs. PDAs were way up the charts of utility/resources ratio.

further depravity: WordStar 4 in vDos in Wine on Linux. I think I prefer WordPerfect.

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Interesting way to spend a rainy Saturday morning: taking my "use an old word processor for writing" thing even further

Finished writing Part 1 of this new novel-ish thing. Feel like Part 2 demands a new writing process, like a change of scenery. Going to follow that urge and see where it leads.

TW: Linux that looks like old Windows 

I'm not sure what prompted this trip down a nostalgia wormhole but I probably need therapy for it.

I know it's probably not cool to think this but Excel is pretty good.

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