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I just heard "Shelter from the Storm" in an Airbnb commercial and that's the last straw, I think I'd be fine if the heat death of the universe just went on and happened

@akkartik Just wanted to say, I played around with last night for the first time and thought it was very neat! My plan is to keep playing with it this week. Also makes me want to start digging into LÖVE tutorials.

Important research announcement: After several months of practical testing and careful consideration, I have decided that the Bic Clic is the best pen for my daily use. Condolences to the Bic Cristal, the previous thought leader in this category.

Pro tip: I truly think Excel is very good, but if your Excel spreadsheet intake form has a README tab, you should have used something besides Excel

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Emacs, to the tune of Paper Planes 

All I wanna do is C-k C-k C-k C-k and a C-x C-c and take your money

Few things are more satisfying than making a random omelet out of whatever is in the fridge and seems like a good idea and having it turn out to be delicious

developer narcissism 

Vaguely related: EWS is not very reliable

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developer narcissism 

Ah yes, the thing where a developer assures me that the reason his app isn’t connecting in production anymore is because someone in IT is spying on him (specifically, because of a vague and unexplained vendetta against him) with some crazy state actor-style rootkit and not because said developer’s code has a bug and the server is killing the connection

To all of y’all who use a Fuzz Face or similar pedals try turning the “fuzz” knob all the way down (yes, seriously) and check out how it interacts with your volume control

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Took me about 25 years of playing electric guitar to realize this but volume knobs can do a whole lot

went so far down this rabbithole that the site has now spawned a Hugo theme:

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Had a bunch of stupid issues getting Jekyll set up on the Let's Note. Currently solving it by moving the whole site to Hugo instead.

Say hello to my Let’s Note impulse purchase. Came with stickers on the key caps to cover up all the Japanese because it’s “refurbished.”

Really wanted to fall in love with org-roam but I’m on Windows a lot and dealing with installing a compiler to build a custom SQLite on my (pretty locked down) work laptop just for an Emacs mode is way more trouble than I have time for.


the older the get the more I realize that the "Moloch" section of Ginsberg's "Howl" is the clearest explication of the *actual* American ideal

Next on my reading list, recommended by Got this copy for $6.

New object of desire: Panasonic Let’s Note laptops.

Amazing how quickly I went from "I should buy an old Brother word processor" to "I should do the ELKS thing @grimmware told me about" to "What I really need is an older rugged Getac laptop."

Almost like I don't need to buy anything at all, I just need to figure out what I *actually* want

Outside of the SDF Boot Camp, are there any other folks hosting "cloud" 9 machines for personal use?

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