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The Classic Mac is very welcoming in its way. Even MacOS 8/9 still retains it but not to the same degree.

I don’t know if it’s the familiarity of the environment from growing up in a Mac household, or the scaled back simplicity of the writing tools (compared to O365 and Emacs and whatever else I’ve been writing in), but I find myself really enjoying working this way.

I’ve got WordPerfect, MacWrite Pro, and Nisus Writer here as well, but they haven’t tempted me away from Word 5.1 yet.

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Roughly a week into working on a big writing project in Word 5 on System 7.

It’s definitely not perfect, but all of the landmines I’ve stepped on so far were the same ones I remember from being a kid on our family Performa.

The nice thing about using Mac System 7 for writing is that eventually you get a “This application cannot launch. Error -192” just like in The Good Old Days and have to reinstall stuff.

old mac screenshot 

If you're feeling a bit masochistic and really looking for a minimalist writing environment, Word 4 has been right there since 1989

I had totally forgotten how weird and cool UserLand Frontier is. The Mac had so many interesting outliners.

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All this has me considering keeping an emulator and a few disk images on a flash drive and just dropping into my Mac writing happy place whenever the mood strikes me, regardless of what computer I’m using. Edit my files from anywhere because they’re all inside a fake computer from 30 years ago.

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Once you tell Trust Center not to block them, up to date Word from Office 365 has no problem at all opening files I create in Word 5 (from 1992) running on System 7. Kind of amazing, kind of terrifying.

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I'm deep down the rabbithole of playing with classic Mac writing tools. Word 5 is still probably my favorite version.

Just remembered the summer in high school (2004 maybe?) when I somehow got hold of a PowerBook 180 and churned out a big masterpiece of fiction (so I thought) in Word 5. That’s probably the best writing experience I’ve had and I think the hardware and software had something to do with it. I’ve been searching for that feeling ever since.

Might as well make a thread of “guitar things I like that are on YouTube.” Here’s another one.

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Everything about this is cool, all the way down to the drummer’s wallet on the snare to mute it.

Now that I've put all this time and effort into working out a writing workflow on 9front, I'm up against that old familiar foe: I've run out of excuses not to write

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@th SULTAN MANE sounds like a memphis rapper name

Adding fonts to Plan 9 troff is an adventure.

Also reminds me I have an M5Paper I haven't done anything with.

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So I picked up this Handspring Visor I bought because it was cheap and, shockingly, remembered Graffiti without having to look it up after 15+ years of not touching a Palm device. Makes me want to find something to actually use this thing for.

I meant “Not sure why,” but I was half asleep on the couch when I wrote it and I’m far too lazy to delete and repost.

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Not see why but I’m thinking more and more about self-publishing these days.

For a while I had thoughts of starting a really small fiction press, but now that it’s so easy to put out a paperback and ebook at the same time... and since I don’t really have much audience for my stuff anyway... why not?

(Other than the stigma about it not being for “real” writers or “serious” work or whatever, which I am extremely over)

Been learning about troff for the last week.

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