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troff/groff writing workflow question 

Anybody know of any good troff how-to’s? Pandoc can output .ms files and they work with the groff ms macros, but they don’t work with the ms macros on 9...

I’ve done a tiny amount of LaTeX but never touched troff, and I’m trying to see how much of my writing workflow I can move to 9front.

Brief thoughts on Plan 9 so far, inspired by the SDF Boot Camp:

I think for the first time I’m actually starting to understand what pointers are doing when I read C code. This is a major life milestone.

9 beginner angst 

If I’m honest: still a little intimidated by 9. Diving in to the SDF Boot Camp helps, but at the end of the day I’m still not a very good programmer and my 15-year usage of Emacs/pandoc feels a bit like golden handcuffs.

I love using it, and it feels like a better way is *right there*, I’m just still at a loss for how to rebuild my writing workflow around these tools, and unsure of whether it’s worth the effort.

We’ve reached the “buying print copies of the 9front man pages” phase of the Plan 9 Boot Camp

Weird half-headache today. I assume it’s because the transponders from my COVID vaccine are now connected to the 5G signal.

Apparently I've been using Dreamhost since 2006(!) but I'm moving all my web stuff to Uberspace.

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Today in Plan 9 Boot Camp: wrapping my head around mkfiles. I got the single file bootstrap version of Jim Tcl to compile with npe, but not run.

plan 9 bootcamp screenshot 

attempting to learn more about ape (and npe) by trying to compile Jim Tcl.

I've made a little bit of progress on my outliner, but nothing really interesting or shareable.

Starting to see the value of Tcl as a language for prototyping--you can work very fast, and you can come back and re-implement some or all of this in C if you need to.

I have a bunch of sites, mostly static HTML/CSS, on Dreamhost and I'd like to move them instead of going through the price increase they're putting in place. They don't get that much traffic. What do folks on here use for simple web hosting of a few domain names?

I got in to the SDF Plan 9 Bootcamp starting next week. I’m pumped. Wonder if I can manage to get drawterm on my very locked-down work laptop 🤔

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hp's prank for today: an offer for the programmable desktop from 1968, the HP 9100A/B. Only $4900. (Not actually for sale)

Tcl update: I think I love it. “Everything is a string” seems to fit with the way my brain works.

I’ve read a lot about why it’s bad (and a few counterarguments) and a lot of those objections make sense, but this the closest I’ve come to feeling like I understand what I’m doing writing code.

Tcl is weird, y’all. I’m kind of enjoying it.

I forgot to mention MSYS2 here, but that's absolutely part of the equation as well.

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Now that I have this Ryzen Thinkpad set up, between WSL and VcXsrv/XLaunch, I’ve pretty much totally recreated all the stuff I was keeping around a Linux laptop for.

For people who still need Windows around for various stuff, there’s not really any point in having a separate computer or partition just to run Linux/POSIX stuff you like anymore.

Just remembered that I have a copy of the K&R C book—not the “updated for ANSI C” edition, the original one—that I “borrowed” from my university’s library. I guess I don’t have any more excuses for not getting over my fear of C programming.

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