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Tcl update: I think I love it. “Everything is a string” seems to fit with the way my brain works.

I’ve read a lot about why it’s bad (and a few counterarguments) and a lot of those objections make sense, but this the closest I’ve come to feeling like I understand what I’m doing writing code.

Tcl is weird, y’all. I’m kind of enjoying it.

I forgot to mention MSYS2 here, but that's absolutely part of the equation as well.

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Now that I have this Ryzen Thinkpad set up, between WSL and VcXsrv/XLaunch, I’ve pretty much totally recreated all the stuff I was keeping around a Linux laptop for.

For people who still need Windows around for various stuff, there’s not really any point in having a separate computer or partition just to run Linux/POSIX stuff you like anymore.

Just remembered that I have a copy of the K&R C book—not the “updated for ANSI C” edition, the original one—that I “borrowed” from my university’s library. I guess I don’t have any more excuses for not getting over my fear of C programming.

Latitude 5290 2-in-1, for the curious. Unsurprisingly, the touchscreen doesn’t work. And it seems to randomly choose a display brightness level at boot. Other than that, it seems pretty solid.

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Installed 9front on an i5 Dell Surface knock-off. Took a minute to get the WiFi working. Now I have two 9 machines, and still not much idea of what to do with them.

list of all the thinkpads i've owned or used 

all of these are not mine anymore unless otherwise specified

* 380ED
* 600
* T22
* X60 Tablet
* X200 (still have and use for 9front)
* X220 Tablet
* X230 Tablet
* T430s
* T14s
* X13 (just got today)

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Got a new Thinkpad today, a Ryzen 5 X13. Gotta say: excellent keyboard. Probably the best Thinkpad keyboard I've used since my X200 (which is still better).

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Up for a challenge? The Interim Computer Museum is offering access to TSS/8 once again. See for details

I enjoy that works just fine in Mothra.

weird generated fiction 

Behind the scenes: I created a corpus of about 100 novels that I like and fine-tuned GPT-2 on that in a Colab instance for a while, and then started feeding generated text back into the generator as a prompt. Thousands of pages later, I started cutting and pasting some tonally-coherent sections together. I like the result.

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weird generated fiction 

here's the first piece of generated fiction I've ever been brave enough to put online. "Seven Signs."

I just finished Don DeLillo's "The Silence" and I have to say, it read like GPT-2 after fine tuning on a bunch of latter-period DeLillo.

I should dig out my experiments along those lines and make a "which paragraph is the generated" one quiz.

A more fleshed-out version of my "Org mode, but more" Mastodon rant from a while back:

Working on a blog post that's a more fleshed-out version of that weird Org mode thread from a couple days ago. I usually have to write a long thing to figure out what I think about something.

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Obviously Acme doesn't have Org and ox-pandoc, which is how I write almost everything for every purpose. Acme doesn't have dired, or ivy/counsel/swiper. It's totally different. But, something about it feels more "right" in a way I didn't expect.

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So I've been using Acme for a few days and Emacs for more than a decade, and now when I'm back in Emacs, it's like I can't unsee the mouse. Even just having to remember C-x 3 and C-x 5 1 and all that kind of stuff feels so backwards now.

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