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TW: Linux that looks like old Windows 

I'm not sure what prompted this trip down a nostalgia wormhole but I probably need therapy for it.

I know it's probably not cool to think this but Excel is pretty good.

re: 9/11 - surveillance state 

@sl @khm @joeo10 Yasha Levine's book Surveillance Valley really changed the way I think about the Internet and on some level tech in general. The collection and transmission of counterinsurgency data is a baked-in feature.

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It really feels like tech is becoming a net negative for humanity, and the way to fix that is not more tech.

Finally got enough downtime over morning coffee to move my remaining private GitHub repos to All of the first computers I was exposed to had amber monitors. Told my daughter (7) about monochrome text displays and she didn’t believe me.

@sl Also, for what it's worth, I meant what I said about feeling very inspired by your self-published stuff, and I'm hoping to emulate that approach to getting the work out there with my current work-in-progress.

@sl That's good advice. I usually set a goal of 250 words a day and try to treat anything more than that as a bonus... my suspicion is that I just have a hell of a lot going on this summer and don't have the headspace necessary to do work I feel good about right now, and that I'm overthinking it (as per usual).

Most of the time I write stuff just so I can find out what I think. I wrote this and still don't know what I think, which is frustrating, but I posted it anyway, in the spirit of "show your work."

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I'm here still, just busy at work and don't have much to say. Kind of a nice feeling, if I'm honest.

@neauoire this is beautiful! I know it's running on uxn but the look is "Mac-like" in the best/highest sense.

last night I learned you can actually have a panic attack while sleeping and wake up in the middle of it! so that's cool.

@publius Yes, I think that's at least part of it for me. Not everybody actually needs a car.

My main hangups with battery EV's are (1) the resources, labor, and waste/pollution associated with making them can't be much better than your average Chevy or Toyota and (2) what happens to all these massive battery packs in these things when they don't hold a charge?

Not to mention, where's the electricity coming from? Not nuclear or hydroelectric, probably fossil fuels.

I get that internal combustion engines are bad and their days are numbered, but I remain unconvinced that everyone driving around on top of giant lithium batteries disguised as car underbodies is a better outcome environmentally.

I feel like that makes me a bit of a Luddite, which is a new place for me to be. Pynchon told me it's OK to be one.

Went down a Mac programming reading rabbithole that ended up with me installing Free Pascal and Lazarus on my laptop.

The obvious response here is “well, write one, then,” and if I weren’t so wrapped up in this manuscript right now maybe I’d try.

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I wish there were a version of MORE 3.1 that ran on modern platforms. I feel like people, especially writers, who haven’t used old Mac outliners don’t know what they’re missing.

I’ve done a LOT of writing since I hit on my Mac Word 5 setup a few weeks ago. Only problem now is the carpal tunnel issues that have been slowly gaining on me for years are finally too obvious to ignore, I guess because of all the extra time I’m spending typing on top of my work days, and my crappy work from home desk setup.

On the bright side maybe I’ll get to buy another fancy ergo keyboard?

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