@cridiron @grimmware in my experience, unlike computers, cats can also randomly turn up in your yard, effectively collecting *you*

Amazing how quickly I went from "I should buy an old Brother word processor" to "I should do the ELKS thing @grimmware told me about" to "What I really need is an older rugged Getac laptop."

Almost like I don't need to buy anything at all, I just need to figure out what I *actually* want

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Outside of the SDF Boot Camp, are there any other folks hosting "cloud" 9 machines for personal use?

Fediverse meta-thought: Muting people for 3 days or 7 days is an underrated Mastodon feature (some bird site clients let you do this too). Somebody into something you’re not? Mute them for a couple days and then they’ll be back and you never had to stop following them. Feel free to mute me! Everybody should mute everybody from time to time.

@grimmware @sirjofri I assume those "Word Processor" machines are probably all Z80 based or something similar, given their age. This has given me a lot to think about, thanks!

@grimmware @sirjofri Okay, this is very cool. Would let me keep using Emacs, too.

(Somewhat related, I haven't been able to convert totally to the 9 religion yet. It's inevitable, just like the guy who only starts going to Mass once he has kids. I just haven't had "computer kids" yet that push me over the edge.)

@grimmware @sirjofri could you make it do Colemak layout, I wonder? 🤔🤔

Trying to double down on my desire to not replace anything that can be repaired.

I don't have any illusions that my personal spending habits will influence global capital, but I do hope that making this change in habits will impart that same value to my kids.

@sirjofri my problem with “retrocomputing” in general is that the devices pretty quickly become data islands. The methods of getting files in and out are just fragile enough that it’s easy to lose work. Text files on a “real” computer don’t have that problem.

@sirjofri I fully admit that 50% of the appeal is nostalgia, 25% is my genuine love of amber monochrome displays, and the other 25% is “distraction free writing.” Teletype is an interesting idea… lately I do most of my writing in Org mode and use pandoc to do something with it.

Anybody out there actually used one of these for real writing? Is it worth tracking one down?

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@adamd Fortunately all of these tables are in a data warehouse so important I only have "SELECT" privileges.

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Ive been working with and around computers for 35+ years and the promise of the system that will help you as a ‘second brain’ or ‘augment your human intellect’ is sadly a fantasy. I would dearly love it for me to finally stumble across such a system but unfortunately I have some grave misgivings about the effects of external computation devices on the brain.

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@soda yep, I bought a Handspring Visor a while back. Same principle.

Working late, which mostly means waiting on these massive SQL queries in Teradata to finish. Had to cancel one when I realized it was going to return 93M rows. Whoops!

buying one of these thing solves none of my problems and I probably wouldn't use it for long before my ADHD took me on to something else, but that may not be enough to stop me

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I mean, forget cyberdecks. Who wants anything else to be "cyber"? This little guy even has a bin for disk storage. (from youtube.com/watch?v=eRLy4VqKGi)

These things are the apotheosis of a certain "computer as a tool for a task" mindset, and that's what I think makes them so interesting.

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