@sqeeezy if someone made a “modern” Handspring Visor I would buy one in a second, but I don’t have a clue what “modern Handspring Visor” means

@ajroach42 Not vintage, but old by now. Canon AE-1’s are great too, but mine died before I could really use it much.

@ajroach42 I used a Canon Rebel 2000 for a long time with a 50mm prime lens. Good beginner setup, really easy to use camera.

Also reminds me I have an M5Paper I haven't done anything with.

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So I picked up this Handspring Visor I bought because it was cheap and, shockingly, remembered Graffiti without having to look it up after 15+ years of not touching a Palm device. Makes me want to find something to actually use this thing for.

@pixelherodev I'd say after a month or so of Plan 9 boot camp I'm also pretty comfortable with Acme. I've begun dabbling with Sam, too, but I'm not as comfortable there yet. I think I might have broken Emacs' spell over me, though.

@pixelherodev Agreed, NetSurf is really great. I feel like having a browser that nice is breaking some kind of unwritten Plan 9 rule but sometimes you have to use a tool that can accomplish the task at hand.

attention deficits 

@brion @deejoe such a great analogy. I literally keep an Org mode file open as a list of “open loops” so I can track what I’m working on for when I need to figure out what I was supposed to be doing... I guess that is sort of a stack trace for my workday.

@neauoire I feel like shifting between Colemak and QWERTY isn’t too bad but if I added another one I’d be in trouble

@sirjofri @luke Interesting... I had wondered about the quality of the finished products from Lulu. 2 out of 9 is not a great error ratio.

I meant “Not sure why,” but I was half asleep on the couch when I wrote it and I’m far too lazy to delete and repost.

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Not see why but I’m thinking more and more about self-publishing these days.

For a while I had thoughts of starting a really small fiction press, but now that it’s so easy to put out a paperback and ebook at the same time... and since I don’t really have much audience for my stuff anyway... why not?

(Other than the stigma about it not being for “real” writers or “serious” work or whatever, which I am extremely over)

troff/groff writing workflow question 

@sirjofri these are really helpful repos. I should add, I’m mostly writing fiction. My workflow before I started getting into 9 was Org mode to Markdown for web and Org mode to Word for edits and submissions... so this is a different way of approaching it. I’m enjoying it, though.

Been learning about troff for the last week.

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@ajroach42 @djsundog my grandad was a mainframe programmer and had a PC since before I was born... we would play Gorilla on his amber monochrome DOS machine for hours. Played it recently in DOSbox and it’s still fun!

troff/groff writing workflow question 

Anybody know of any good troff how-to’s? Pandoc can output .ms files and they work with the groff ms macros, but they don’t work with the ms macros on 9...

I’ve done a tiny amount of LaTeX but never touched troff, and I’m trying to see how much of my writing workflow I can move to 9front.

@djsundog I'm a big fan of blowing stuff up for fun, but I'm not sure I follow the logic that led to "80# of Tannerite is exactly the right amount for this task"

@eris I should check it out, it’s definitely on my radar.

Brief thoughts on Plan 9 so far, inspired by the SDF Boot Camp: systemstack.dev/2021/04/9front

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