I mean, forget cyberdecks. Who wants anything else to be "cyber"? This little guy even has a bin for disk storage. (from youtube.com/watch?v=eRLy4VqKGi)

These things are the apotheosis of a certain "computer as a tool for a task" mindset, and that's what I think makes them so interesting.

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Few things are better than buying random old books online, forgetting about them, and then getting a surprise gift from yourself when they finally show up via media mail

extremely cute formerly-stray kitten 

This little guy showed up in our backyard earlier this week, and then I accidentally trapped him in our garage overnight so now we have to keep him. His name is Dale.

further depravity: WordStar 4 in vDos in Wine on Linux. I think I prefer WordPerfect.

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Interesting way to spend a rainy Saturday morning: taking my "use an old word processor for writing" thing even further

TW: Linux that looks like old Windows 

I'm not sure what prompted this trip down a nostalgia wormhole but I probably need therapy for it.

old mac screenshot 

If you're feeling a bit masochistic and really looking for a minimalist writing environment, Word 4 has been right there since 1989

plan 9 bootcamp screenshot 

attempting to learn more about ape (and npe) by trying to compile Jim Tcl.

Grabbed this thing on eBay as a potential source of inspiration for projects to tackle with my M5Paper (which still hasn’t arrived). Turns out we have no AAA batteries in the house.

9front day 2 

Got WiFi working, installed git9 and got Go installed even though I haven’t learned Go yet. My blog looks OK in Mothra. Acme is truly great. My mind is blown and I know I’m only scratching the surface.

9front total beginner 

Did a thing to my old Thinkpad.

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