Still thinking about Permacomputing, and how I was going to write a big thing and made a thread of posts (can we all agree that calling it a "toot" is bad) here instead that took all that momentum.

This is The Twitter Problem in a nutshell: you throw something short and exploratory on social media, comb through responses, shape your thinking that way, and it's exactly like if you wrote the essay--or, usually, you get even more discussion and feedback. It feels like you've done the thing, even though you've just talked about the thing. This is a big reason Twitter is so toxic politically: tweeting *feels* like you've actually done something, but all you really did is post.

@kl The name "toot" works if one considers it can also be a euphemism for flatulence.

With that out of the way, writing a big thing is overrated; the response to publishing our last article just made me feel bad. I dislike how Terminal Boredom was written, and should have pulled it long ago. My apologies for ruining things by keeping it up.

@hayley In one of my former lives I've had print features run in alt-weekly newspapers. That was before things were like this (*waves around at world and Internet*) and the response was still almost always awful. Shit happens.

It's fine to change your mind, but the writing is where the thinking happens for me, so there's always some value in it even if I hate it after the fact (which I usually do).

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@kl @hayley Yes, I used to write technology analysis reports for c-suite folks and it was amazing how much clarity I found while forming those words (and sometimes illustrations).

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