Turns out this $50 refurb Dell Chromebook I bought because my kids always want to “type stuff” actually has one of the best laptop keyboards I’ve ever come in contact with, and now I may buy another one for myself just to put Linux on or something.

“Type stuff” is in quotes there because that’s a direct quote from my 4-year-old son.

@kl If it's a 3120 then hell, yeah. It's the machine I tuck into my bag. I put Fedora+i3 on it and it's great.

@trevorflowers That’s the one. I guess it was so cheap because it’s done getting ChromeOS updates… but I am genuinely impressed. I already have too many computers (including a Ryzen Thinkpad) but I’m tempted.

@kl Yep, I have a nice lappie but I find myself using the wee Dell because it's just so light and small. The touchpad is crap, though, mostly because of the flimsy case that surrounds it. I might adhere a strip of something stiff to the bottom to see if that helps.

@trevorflowers I’m mostly Emacs-based so I’m a lot more interested in the quality of the Control key 😂

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