Workflowy ( is the most interesting outliner-type app I’ve come across in a while. I wish it weren’t a web app, and wonder if it could be “reinterpreted” as an Emacs mode or something. But it’s really good, and really interesting. I also like they way they’ve integrated kanban boards—great way to manage projects in a really lightweight way.

These are the kinds of tools I wish there were more of. I always felt like the old Mac world was full of slightly undercooked but cool apps for organizing information, and no other platform that I know of has really come close to that kind of exploratory spirit.


These are the kinds of thing I think about when I imagine my ideal computing environment. Programs that are basically blank paper for organizing thought. Even Excel is this, in some really cool and useful ways. A new Excel workbook is just an empty grid. We need more “blank paper” tools.

@kl One thing @zens and I were chatting about recently was the value of two modes for any program: a blank slate mode for when you just want to quickly capture something and move on, and an "as I was before" mode for when you want to engage with the program more deeply.

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