So, I wrote the first draft of that “how I organize all the shit I have to do” guide thing and it’s about 23k words. Now the real work–editing–starts, but I figure it’ll probably end up being a 50-70 page book-like object (and ebook also obviously).

It was a lot more fun to write than I thought it would be.


And yes, despite how much I’ve been using and experimenting with 9 over these last few months, I wrote it in Org mode.

@kl books are the reason why I wrote epublish, a collection of e publishing tools that let you write your book in a markdown-like syntax and convert it to pdf and epub. (Source on shithub)

@sirjofri nice! I will check it out. Part of the reason I used Org is I managed to install Emacs on my work Windows machine. But also familiarity and the ease of shuffling outline points/headings. Org is promoted as a to do list too often; I find it’s really great for writing long prose documents.

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