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I wish I was better at identifying exactly what I want and what works for me. I'm clearly not satisfied with *something* about the current most common ways we do personal computing. Hence why I'm constantly exploring various weird, underpowered and old computers and devices. Some of it is just that I'm a geek that likes to play with stuff but I think it's more than just that.

personal computing 


Mood. I was talking about this with $SPOUSE and the best I could come up with was, "I want something from the parallel universe where the Palm device I had in 2001became the model for mobile devices."

And that's probably not what it is either, because the way I used it wasn't really the way most people used it even then.


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@suetanvil @kelbot This is a good description of the way I feel about it, too. I think some of it is dissatisfaction with the level of complexity, and some of it is a nostalgia for a time before the current subscription/web app/App Store model of software tools. It felt like you actually owned your computers. Now it kind of doesn’t.

personal computing 

@kl @kelbot

I enjoy the retrocomputing stuff here a lot but I've also *used* a lot of those computers and OSs in a professional context and for all of their benefits, their downsides were often *terrible*.

So I don't want to go back to $OLD_TECH; I want the modern version of $OLD_TECH that keeps the good that we've lost while fixing the problems.

So (e.g.) a PDA as efficient and open as my Treo but with memory protection, scripting and good text entry.

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