I get that internal combustion engines are bad and their days are numbered, but I remain unconvinced that everyone driving around on top of giant lithium batteries disguised as car underbodies is a better outcome environmentally.

I feel like that makes me a bit of a Luddite, which is a new place for me to be. Pynchon told me it's OK to be one.

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Ultimately, the ubiquitous use of automobiles for personal transportation contributes to a variety of social & environmental problems, perhaps most visibly including deaths in wrecks & bad land-use choices.

I still find the street railway, running under wire, an exceedingly convenient & effective mode of electric transportation.

@publius Yes, I think that's at least part of it for me. Not everybody actually needs a car.

My main hangups with battery EV's are (1) the resources, labor, and waste/pollution associated with making them can't be much better than your average Chevy or Toyota and (2) what happens to all these massive battery packs in these things when they don't hold a charge?

Not to mention, where's the electricity coming from? Not nuclear or hydroelectric, probably fossil fuels.


Greenwashing has become not only a popular sport but a lucrative occupation. See, for instance, the Senate of Hamburg, which is planning to "go green" by converting a coal-fired power station to burn brushwood cleared in Namibia & transported 10 000 km in oil-burning ships.

Meanwhile the BMU (Federal Environment Ministry) continues to insist that, for the success of the energy transition, all nuclear stations must close by 2022, but coal stations may continue until 2038.

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