I'm deep down the rabbithole of playing with classic Mac writing tools. Word 5 is still probably my favorite version.


Once you tell Trust Center not to block them, up to date Word from Office 365 has no problem at all opening files I create in Word 5 (from 1992) running on System 7. Kind of amazing, kind of terrifying.

All this has me considering keeping an emulator and a few disk images on a flash drive and just dropping into my Mac writing happy place whenever the mood strikes me, regardless of what computer I’m using. Edit my files from anywhere because they’re all inside a fake computer from 30 years ago.

I had totally forgotten how weird and cool UserLand Frontier is. The Mac had so many interesting outliners.

@neauoire I'm on 7.5.3, but same principle! I'm finding that it really is a pleasant way to work. And cheaper/more reliable than buying an old PowerBook G3 or something.

@kl I've done this with some DOS software and a portable dosbox.

Works pretty well.

@kl Brent Simmons was working on a remake of Frontier called Evergreen, but it's unfinished/dormant.

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