Not see why but I’m thinking more and more about self-publishing these days.

For a while I had thoughts of starting a really small fiction press, but now that it’s so easy to put out a paperback and ebook at the same time... and since I don’t really have much audience for my stuff anyway... why not?

(Other than the stigma about it not being for “real” writers or “serious” work or whatever, which I am extremely over)

I meant “Not sure why,” but I was half asleep on the couch when I wrote it and I’m far too lazy to delete and repost.

@kl you might be interested in @luke 's latest videos. He tries to re-publish old out-of-print books and collects some experience with print-on-demand providers and their shopping APIs

@sirjofri @luke Interesting... I had wondered about the quality of the finished products from Lulu. 2 out of 9 is not a great error ratio.

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