Not see why but I’m thinking more and more about self-publishing these days.

For a while I had thoughts of starting a really small fiction press, but now that it’s so easy to put out a paperback and ebook at the same time... and since I don’t really have much audience for my stuff anyway... why not?

(Other than the stigma about it not being for “real” writers or “serious” work or whatever, which I am extremely over)

I meant “Not sure why,” but I was half asleep on the couch when I wrote it and I’m far too lazy to delete and repost.

@kl you might be interested in @luke 's latest videos. He tries to re-publish old out-of-print books and collects some experience with print-on-demand providers and their shopping APIs

@sirjofri @luke Interesting... I had wondered about the quality of the finished products from Lulu. 2 out of 9 is not a great error ratio.

@kl These days, only the publishers cling to the stigmas, or even the term "self publishing".

The purchasing public supports you, do writing your way, and make the most of those easy-to-access tools!

@kl Alternatively: My grandfather, sick of his publisher, started his own company and published his (non-fiction) books, several of which became international bestsellers. That was in the 70's/80's.

If you want to have a publishing house name, start an LLC and go for it through the Amazon print-on-demand channels, for almost zero cost (well, the cost of registration andISBNs.) To the reader, you'll have a publisher...

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