Apparently I've been using Dreamhost since 2006(!) but I'm moving all my web stuff to Uberspace.

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@kl good decision. I personally am waiting for proper https support on so I can switch to a full plan 9 based network.

@sirjofri It was on your recommendation! I'm not brave enough to try hosting stuff from 9 yet.

@kl yeah, uberspace is great for webhosting. It's just... If you want to host specific stuff (gopher, finger, ...) from the same domain you have almost no chance. Also https works on 9, but I don't want to maintain it, so I still use uberspace. It depends on what you need, like always.

@sirjofri I haven't gotten into gopher yet but I'm intrigued. If I ever do I'll probably start out hosting it at SDF.

@kl yeah, gopher is also new for me. I never used it. Only gemini seems promising and finger is also nice. I think about installing finger on my/our new public 9front system

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