I have a bunch of sites, mostly static HTML/CSS, on Dreamhost and I'd like to move them instead of going through the price increase they're putting in place. They don't get that much traffic. What do folks on here use for simple web hosting of a few domain names?

@kl uberspace or a custom vps on netcup (or maybe vultr). I'm sure you can get it cheaper. @ubernauten has ssh access (no root, regular shared linux system) with lots of docs. For my netcup machines I pay 2.42€ each. Vultr costs more, but is available everywhere.

@kl hi there! have a look, if you'd like: manual.uberspace.de/ feel free to ping us, if there are any questions! @sirjofri


@ubernauten thanks! I've been browsing the documentation. Right now I have four sites (three domain names, the fourth is a subdomain) on one DH account. would your recommendation be to set up a new account for each domain, or to set them all up from one DocumentRoot? They're all static files, except one PHP site with a sqlite backend.

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@kl both works. If it was something more complex than just static sites, I'd recommend multiple accounts - just for organisation. If they are really just static apps, I don't think there is a need to do that. Instead, just have one domain document root for each: manual.uberspace.de/web-docume

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