Emacs/Org pipe dream 

Idea I have not put enough thought into: adapting my workflows to lower-powered devices could mean finding/building some kind of Minimum Viable Org... Reducing Org and reducing Emacs to the absolute bare minimum.

Not just to make it lighter, but to focus it in a way. What are the essential primitives of a text-based outlining/writing/whatever-Org-is system?

If Plan 9 was an evolutionary step after Unix, what is *that* but for Org?

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Emacs/Org pipe dream 

Related question: will I ever become a decent enough programmer to actually try to work on this, because it seems intimidating

Emacs/Org pipe dream 

@kl do the thing! whether it works out or not, you'll learn a bunch of stuff and have fun?

Emacs/Org pipe dream 

@shapr that's the plan! we'll see what happens.

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