Submitted some short stories around under the pen name I came up with last week. Thanks for the encouragement to go for it, Masto-friends.

Always fun when the first question the 7-yr-old asks at the dinner table is “so, you may not know the answer to this, but where did God come from?”

Long since finished the 30-line Tcl script and am now using it for the thing I wrote it for. Python makes me feel dumb in a way I don't enjoy.

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started writing a little script in Python for a thing and rage-quit after about thirty minutes and started over in Tcl, where things actually make sense

I'm not the hardcore Emacs person I used to be but I do enjoy writing long structured stuff in Org mode. I finally moved my self-documenting Emacs config to

the fact that the results of this were 60% "who cares" and 40% "get back to work" is just more proof that you all are my kind of people.

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I've got many, many years' worth of followers on Twitter, but now I think I might want to self-publish stuff under a pen name. Is it too late?

Started to write something for the blog and ended up writing something approaching a letter to myself that I’ll probably print, read, and delete forever. Sometimes I need to type things out to know how I feel.

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Very low power personal computing, a thread 

Thinking about what would be a happy combination of devices and computers for a really useful (and also fun, this is important too) person computing setup geared towards maximum utility and minimum computer/energy requirements. Clearly this is somewhat inspired by my recently renewed interest in PDAs. PDAs were way up the charts of utility/resources ratio.

further depravity: WordStar 4 in vDos in Wine on Linux. I think I prefer WordPerfect.

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Interesting way to spend a rainy Saturday morning: taking my "use an old word processor for writing" thing even further

Finished writing Part 1 of this new novel-ish thing. Feel like Part 2 demands a new writing process, like a change of scenery. Going to follow that urge and see where it leads.

TW: Linux that looks like old Windows 

I'm not sure what prompted this trip down a nostalgia wormhole but I probably need therapy for it.

I know it's probably not cool to think this but Excel is pretty good.

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It really feels like tech is becoming a net negative for humanity, and the way to fix that is not more tech.

Finally got enough downtime over morning coffee to move my remaining private GitHub repos to

Most of the time I write stuff just so I can find out what I think. I wrote this and still don't know what I think, which is frustrating, but I posted it anyway, in the spirit of "show your work."

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