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Wife to the TV: "Well I feel like my cats are telling me to kill people too, but someone has to be the adult in that situation."

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This is a great thread breaking down jealousy and possessiveness.
I want to talk a little bit about jealousy in polyamory, since it's such a common question – and shouldn't be. A thread. 👇🏼

@JordiGH The difference is, these tips earn their living from a specified professional activity

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I was thinking about messing with USB passthrough (for GPG smartcard), too, so I'm lucky I looked for this first.

GnuPG agent forwarding is the coolest thing I didn't realise I knew I wanted (until I tried to sign a commit in a VM)

@kurtm @hir0 I just caught up on the thread, and, well,

"It is another thing, that I don't know how to run shell script on EC2, to do what he suggests"


Step one: install Debian's ttf-mscorefonts-installer so I can get Comic Sans back.

Got my @Purism Librem 13 up and running at last! Decided to stay on PureOS, running OpenBSD under KVM. (Xen was not cooperating at all, in so many ways.)

@jirka @jynx 2 MB****!!! that would be such a tank otherwise

@salixlucida TIL! I only knew of and

TIL you can run DOS on vmm(4). I think I need to try this.

‪Building GPGTools’ GPGMail from source doesn’t actually work (and what you get when you build is *not* the binary they distribute) so I fixed it!

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