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This is a great thread breaking down jealousy and possessiveness.
I want to talk a little bit about jealousy in polyamory, since it's such a common question – and shouldn't be. A thread. 👇🏼

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I was thinking about messing with USB passthrough (for GPG smartcard), too, so I'm lucky I looked for this first.

GnuPG agent forwarding is the coolest thing I didn't realise I knew I wanted (until I tried to sign a commit in a VM)

Step one: install Debian's ttf-mscorefonts-installer so I can get Comic Sans back.

Got my @Purism Librem 13 up and running at last! Decided to stay on PureOS, running OpenBSD under KVM. (Xen was not cooperating at all, in so many ways.)

TIL you can run DOS on vmm(4). I think I need to try this.

‪Building GPGTools’ GPGMail from source doesn’t actually work (and what you get when you build is *not* the binary they distribute) so I fixed it!

Green lit from managers on all sides, just have to make it official with HR/do whatever ceremony needs done there, and then I can get to work ✨

Requested an internal transfer so I can get back to proper systems work 🤞

Customs finally sent me a first notice, so I'll be up and running with my OpenBSD laptop soon 🤞

Going to try adding whatever mix of pledge(2) and unveil(2) to today. I'll be happy to get some " defined(__OpenBSD__)"s into the codebase.

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