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The facility where my servers are colocated is without power. Waiting on a status report from them now.

My wife invited a bunch of her bicycling friends over to watch a documentary about people who like bicycles.

I want to be supportive but everyone in this film is a bougie-ass Marin County parasite who retired in their 20s to focus on telling working-class people how to live their lives. This "why would you not simply buy more money" noise gets under my nerves. Try that shit when your only income-generating characteristic is "owns a pickup truck."

Bikes are cool though I'm not mad at bikes

the fact that Ubuntu Touch works fine on the bq M10 FHD (circa 2016) and is a stuttering crashy mess on the Pinephone tells me that Plasma's slowness on the Pinephone is probably not Plasma's fault, to be fair.

pinephone/postmarketos update: phosh is almost useable. plasma is too slow. telephony features are still broken.

A fun hobby is reading anything on the Internet about the Remarkable 2, then reading all the comments full of people spitting with rage that they can't e.g. watch Youtube on a thing sold explicitly as a note-taking device.

It doesn't have a backlight, or speakers, or a keyboard, or a web browser, and people are fucking furious, despite those exact absences being the major marketing topic for the device.

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it's weird to me that openbsd is so tolerant of openssh being such a massive overcomplicated beast of a program when they're so aggressive about pruning such things from other areas of the system

the second half of this article is really good evidence that the web is completely irredeemable

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Come join the federation we have:

- Dozens of users

- Hundreds of instances

Dear Mastodon,

How the hell do I follow someone if their web UI doesn't have Mastodon's user-redirector crap?

I just want to paste a damn username into a text field and press 'follow.' How?

At long last, I've got the 1x11 drivetrain working on the Disc Trucker. Just waiting on that Swedish reuseable bartape to come in, and I think I can call the bike done...

I'm sick and tired of Steve Klabnik "hinting" at other people's horrific behavior he's just too demure and wholesome to discuss.

He is one of a handful of Extremely Online People in the software world who seem to have a hobby of shit-talking strangers without bringing receipts.

Here's an example of this hobby, where in this case the subject is (among other people) me:

Before you join the RESF siege against Unnamed Amazon Staff, evaluate your future comrades-in-arms.

Early-boot serial output from my MNT Reform laptop:

Any u-boot experts around who can suggest where I start learning what the hell u-boot is?

seeing they made another matrix movie caused me to reminisce about being in the theater in 1999, pissing off all my friends because I couldn't stop laughing at Ted "Theodore" Logan III kung-fu fighting Cowboy Curtis

This article:

and this article:

Are both based on a preprint paper, which has been updated since, and the update directly invalidates the claim in the news articles:

What do you think the chances are of these outlets updating their reporting?

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