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continuing my teenager's education by making him watch LOLA RENNT

audio gear nerdery 

Fro the record, my audio setup is a Shure SM-58 mic, hanging off an A55HM shock mount, with an SE Dynamite pre-amp sticking out the back, plugged into a 3rd gen Focusrite Scarlett Solo.

As soon as the Volt 276 comes out, I'm replacing the SE Dynamite and the Focusrite with that.

I'd like to go on record and say that BBC America has the best logo I've seen in a while.

Someone should have paid Denis Villeneuve an extra hundred thousand to cut out half an hour of sad people staring at walls.

Congrats to the 6,000 indistinguishable Ubuntu configurations that released as entire ISOs today

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People who make USB cables with only the power lines and no data lines: I will find you.

my younger kid has decided he wants to be a cardboard box for halloween and he hasn't even played metal gear solid

I ordered sixteen batteries on Ali Express. I got eight tactical flashlights and eight boxed battery boxes. The flashlights each contain two of the batteries I ordered.

I mean, I got the batteries. Fine. Just what the hell

Apple is the Harley Davidson of tech companies.

Power's back, networkin's up, please report lingering problems.

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The facility where my servers are colocated is without power. Waiting on a status report from them now.

My wife invited a bunch of her bicycling friends over to watch a documentary about people who like bicycles.

I want to be supportive but everyone in this film is a bougie-ass Marin County parasite who retired in their 20s to focus on telling working-class people how to live their lives. This "why would you not simply buy more money" noise gets under my nerves. Try that shit when your only income-generating characteristic is "owns a pickup truck."

Bikes are cool though I'm not mad at bikes

the fact that Ubuntu Touch works fine on the bq M10 FHD (circa 2016) and is a stuttering crashy mess on the Pinephone tells me that Plasma's slowness on the Pinephone is probably not Plasma's fault, to be fair.

pinephone/postmarketos update: phosh is almost useable. plasma is too slow. telephony features are still broken.

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