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folks if is offline (happens from time to time, we're only a few people), and you have a burning need for ISOs, there's a mirror at and the torrent is available at

bookmark somethin' so you can find it later!

openbsd whining 

struggling to install openbsd -- uefi plus softraid/encryption on a gpt disk, and the installer hangs after 'making all devices' when it should be installing bootloaders. the documentation does not go into debugging the installer -- anyone got any tips on that?

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The COVID-19 bill is released and hidden in it are two *enormous* copyright provisions; the Tillis bill that creates a jail felony for streaming infringements, and the "CASE act" that creates a totally new low-friction DMCA-takedown-like court that can levy five-digit fines for…well, pretty much anything, without the checks on abuse a normal court has or (to my read) adequate notice to targets they were even sued.

These have real potential to harm average Internet users.

Network is offline at my colocation site. Opened a support ticket... went to check on responses and their support site is offline now too.

Guess it's still 2020

Any technology that requires an exceptional level of training to understand is going to be weaponized against people who are not technologists.

Is anyone aware of software along the lines of DFeed (, except:
- is written in C or some other portable language
- doesn't really need NNTP or IRC functionality

I'm looking for the confluence of mailing lists and web forum.

programming facts 

The word "macro" is derived from the arabic " مكروه‎", or "reprehensible,"

Still living in hope for a Mad Dog and Glory director's cut

with the latest post, it is official: my blog has lasted longer than the Confederacy

computer nerd shit 

This kind of problem is 50% the result of Go being an immature language and 50% XML being a shit standard. Choose your tools carefully.

Noticed downloading a dataset was taking way longer than expected on OpenBSD... some testing shows that I get about 14MBps on OpenBSD, but booting the same machine into Linux results in 190MBps. Hoping to have more time this winter to figure out what the hell is going on.

here's my shamefully large .exrc, which constitutes the entirety of my editor configuration on unix:

set noautoindent
set directory=/home/khm/tmp
set number
set report=1
set ruler
set shiftwidth=2
set showmode
set tabstop=2
set terse
set wrapscan

really a huge missed opportunity when the letsencrypt people named it "acme" instead of "retsyn"

willing to pay up to $100 for a browser extension that replaces all anime images with the old 'broken img' icon from internet explorer

onboarding is like waterboarding but with bad ideas instead of water

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