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Curious to see if it made any improvement, I ordered and received the upgraded motherboard for the PinePhone. It took about ten minutes to disassemble the device, replace the board, and put it back together. Now it doesn't power on and I don't care enough to even check the cable connections again.

It, along with the original motherboard, is now in the recycling bin where I should have put it the day it arrived. Life is too short for shitty hardware.

I am reminded that Veteran's Day approaches, because I got the annual email from a politician inviting me to drive three hours across a mountain range so that he can express his appreciation by buying me a fast-food coffee.

us politics AND hacker news 

The Hacker News thread on the election call has over three and a half thousand comments, and each one of them is worse than you can possibly imagine.

Does anyone *actually* run OpenBSD on a Pinebook Pro, or is it just something one boots into long enough for a social media selfie? I can't get the damn thing to boot reliably.

So far the list of certs seems to just be a copy of Mozilla's root store, except for some reason they do not list ISRG's new root cert (i.e. they left out Let's Encrypt's ECDSA root, which is probably fine since ISRG picked bad crypto for it).

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If the x.509 zealots were honest, they'd recognize this as the impending exctintion-level event that it is:

sometimes I just want to feel like a kid again

fortunately I know the secret of how

so I poke holes in my speakers with a screwdriver and spend four hours listening to the same shonen knife cassette while I scour the house for loose change gas money

"Ask HN: Good C++ code bases to read?"

I didn't think it would get funnier, but then someone recommended Boost.

More than one person recommended Boost.

Liz Phair's "Supernova" is the greatest love song of all time, and I'm no longer entertaining alternative viewpoints; the matter is closed.

A case could have been made for Method Man's "I'll Be There for You" Mary J. Blige but it's too late now, sorry

When was the last time anyone heard an uncensored cut of Queen Pen's verses in No Diggity?

Just wondering if there's anything worthwhile I'm going to miss by blackholing that entire domain from my network, is all

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Is there ANY good content on substack? Every single time I see a substack link it's either breathless techbro hype noise or pearl-clutching hyperpartisan political alarmism.

It's been so long since I had a coherent set of interests that I couldn't hash tag them if someone paid me to.

I mostly just wander around.

onboarding is like waterboarding but with bad ideas instead of water

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