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☑ Shifter cables
☑ Chain
☑ Brake cables
☑ Brake rotors
☑ Handlebar tape

☐ Spacers for brake caliper mounts, $5 part, out of stock everywhere in town, nearest bike shop that has them 200 miles away, out of stock everywhere online except another bike shop 3000 miles away, fuck

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is there a reason to use the word 'utilize' other than trying to sound like you know what you're talking about?


oh so you like gatekeeping huh name your three favorite droprod manufacturers

☑ Frame
☑ Fork
☑ Headset
☑ Bell
☑ Bottlecage
☑ Bottom Bracket
☑ Stem
☑ Handlebars
☑ Seatpost
☑ Saddle
☑ Brake levers
☑ Shifters
☑ Derailers
☑ Wheels
☑ Tires
☑ Brakes
☑ Crankset
☑ Pedals
☑ Cassette
☐ Shifter cables (today)
☐ Chain (Thursday)
☐ Brake cables (Thursday)
☐ Brake rotors (Thursday)
☐ Handlebar tape

new bike project is stressing me out. I want to RIDE THE BIKE but the vendor is taking forever to ship the chain and brake cable housing so it just sits there

on the work stand

taunting me

One genre of tweet I really miss:

People complaining about some cloud service being offline while simultaneously boasting about how much money they're losing because of it.

A million dollars an hour of revenue and you can't host your own shit even as a fallback? Comedy gold.

onboarding is like waterboarding but with bad ideas instead of water

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