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Smells like someone turned on bash-completion support and it infected a whole raft of software.

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log in to freebsd

pkg update

everything depends on bash now for some goddamn reason? computer worked fine for a decade without bash but now it's absolutely critical if I want to run ghostscript?

need to get off this operating system

"I'll wait until I get back from my trip to buy this UPS," he thought, like a total dipshit, like a huge moron who knows exactly what's about to happen to him, but will still be hurt and angry when it inevitably happens, the dolt.

"It will be fine," he lied to himself, alone in a room with his idiocy.

This job starts remote because of covid but we pay relocation -- we'll cover your move here.

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people in this space might not know about one of aiju's contributions to 9front -- bullshit(1). It generates technology bullshit!

aiju's website ( used to have it available, but it's down at the moment, so I crammed it onto my site:

onboarding is like waterboarding but with bad ideas instead of water

Offered up my car jump pack (which has a built-in inverter) for a neighbor without power to run his CPAP. Hope it lasts through the outage. Really curious what kind of runtime he gets. Why aren't more medical devices battery-backed? Seems like a thing you would want a UPS for.

just posted the latest entry.

four years of anonymous blogging. no idea if anyone is reading it. occasional hatemail, occasional fanmail, sometimes people even send money.

it's fun.

The hardest part was chasing the computers out of my car.

But I got there.

This is one of the things that make old people dislike x86. This complexity is largely driven by the close partnership of Microsoft and Intel -- shoving more and more 'control' into the software and making the hardware more dependent on having 'the right' software running, even for things you'd want to work on any OS.

Sadly, ARM devices are progressing down this same route, but instead of Intel + Microsoft, it's dozens of hardware OEMs plus dozens of software vendors... impossible to track.

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Power saving on computers is *complicated*. You would hope that processors are smart enough to recognize when no work is done, and use less energy. You'd hope that if a given peripheral on the PCI bus is unused, it draws less power.

This is almost never the case with x86-based computers (Intel and AMD). The OS has to *tell* the hardware when to save power. Knowing when and how to do so is *complex*.

The Ethernet port on your laptop probably draws a full watt even with no cable in it.

If I were to pick one thing about Slackware that I really miss it's the package format. Simple tarballs, simple on-disk format, no database needed, dependency management optional.

Today is Wednesday, March 186 in the year 2020

This weekend I'll need to put fuel in my car.

It'll be the first time I fuel the car since the pandemic lockdown in March. I've charged my ebike battery six, maybe seven times since then.

This is proof that 2020 is an alternate timeline.

Two hours of interviews for the Library Board.


Lots of people are working from home and missing that "end of workday" signaling that used to come from leaving the office.

Bring it back by setting up a cron job to play the end of the 1812 Overture at 18:12 every day. Make sure to max out your system volume in the same script!

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