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now out of debt

this is big news for people like me, who hail from the land of the poors

only took half my life!

declaring the Silver Jews my official soundtrack for writing a $3MM supercomputing proposal

wanted: a uvc camera
- which outputs 1080p
- at 30fps
- in h264
- with no mic

does this product exist?

my wife just carries wild shit on this thing to make other people feel inadequate, I'm sure of it

Ah, Independence Day, where otherwise intelligent people decide to bitch about a measurement system because they are afraid of math.

At long last, it is done.

I have a surgical inspection light mounted to a ceiling track above my desk.

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web accessibility experts, and people who use screen readers:

what's the right way to join a footnote to the sigil in the text body? plain html, no javascript -- what works best?

I feel like people who put domed crystals on wristwatches maybe don't do any work ever

I just can't see how anyone arrives at that being a good idea?

Bend, OR is like Bozeman, MT but worse. I do not like it here. It's all Fjällräven and jewelry stores. Nobody knows how to make fried chicken and people ask if you want canned kombucha with pizza

The moment von Neumann ruined computers forever, as reported by the New York Times on 1947-12-12.

my wife's new electric bicycle can take my electric bicycle's battery as an auxiliary power supply. I'm pretty sure this a deliberate setup for a literal power grab

every update to repels additional 4channers

it's wonderful to behold

we released version 1.5.0 of (, with better html, a shell script web server, and a lot of fixes.

ten years between minor versions: this is stable software

pretty sure my wife has ascended into some kind of ultra-bikenerd pantheon now

I'm 99% more likely to purchase from a site that doesn't require signing up.

I'm also 99% more likely to make an account on a site that doesn't require signing up.

all existing project management software suffers from the same misconceptions:

- projects end
- "done" is binary instead of a spectrum
- "done" is the same as "successful"
- "done" is a one-way street
- priorities are absolute instead of relative
- tasks are the only things worth tracking, notes/concepts go somewhere else
- project structures are acyclic

I could go on forever

internet arguments 101: if your opponent opens a salvo with "so let me get this straight," they are about to misrepresent your position

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