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@big_louse The pine note stock Android handles things relatively normally. I don't really use these for book readin'; I have a couple kobo devices I use for that.

I haven't hit any weird bugs on either of them as far as reading epubs or pdfs. The remarkable just prints epubs to pdf to read them (which takes forever) so that's moot. The pine note does something different which I haven't got to the bottom of, because I keep trying to boot normal linux on it instead.

switching from 'waybar' to the built-in bar that sway ships allowed me to remove around ten percent of the packages on my computer.

# apk del waybar
(1/27) Purging waybar (0.9.8-r4)
(27/27) Purging tdb-libs (1.4.5-r1)
OK: 1021 MiB in 261 packages

Fun fact: if you have enough processor cores, gnome's system-monitor just gives up on coloring them

@sirjofri That definitely sounds like a big project. I do not want such a device, personally; I prefer my computers in datacenters, or, if necessary, my office.

Inexplicably, this tablet charges over USB-C and its pen has a Micro-USB port.

@sirjofri aside from running drawterm, no. I'm not sure what the benefit would be of a plan 9 kernel on these things (aside from the pinebook pro, but nobody's made any progress there). I'm not sure a phone or tablet with no power management is desireable. Figuring out how to make use of the Pinebook Pro big.LITTLE architecture might be cool, though.

@sirjofri I have the pinephone, which I regard as a failed product at this point (I still cannot make or receive calls, and they've released the successor product, so I don't really expect much)

I also have the pinebook pro, the pinepower chargers, and the pinecil soldering iron. The chargers and the soldering iron are by far their best products. The pinebook pro is ... ok, but after all this time and still no mainline linux support, bad video drivers on bsd, I just never use the damn thing.

@sirjofri I haven't really messed with the stock OS much. I've been working on trying to boot a regular linux kernel. It was nice of them to include a usb-c UART breakout in the box! I hope not for all of them -- I don't know what a notepad needs a neural net accelerator for, and I hope never to find out. Bluetooth might make for an interesting proposition; there are times I've wished I could type directly into a notebook on the Remarkable.

Of course, faster processing means less lag rendering PDFs

@holorose it's not quite as fast as the Remarkable 2, but I had to pay real close attention to discern that. I'd say it's firmly in the 'works fine' category if you're writing text. I don't know about art stuff.

Bear in mind this is running the stock Android OS it ships with -- no telling what the future holds once we get a better OS working.

@qrstuv none of the popup books I scanned in seem to work right any more???? pine note with no hesitation. note that I'm an o.g. remarkable 2 owner so I'm grandfathered out of paying for their online services.

the pine note has a brighter future, but the remarkable 2 does what I want it to do *today*

@freakazoid @obsolete29 @alcinnz This has happened once already, when W3C was XHTML-happy and the browser vendors started WHATWG in revolt. Once they had shoved HTML5 down everyone's throat they handed the standard back to W3C for legitimization.

It's not just W3C-related stuff at stake; Google also rams through bad ideas like MTA-STS, which makes email protocols dependent on the web. no worries! thank you for following up!

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