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This is also why the whole world had to check every SSL key they came into contact with for ages, because some Debian bureaucrat didn't understand the software he was patching. CVE-2008-0166 was born. Distro packaging is a convenience, not a public service.

@cancel @Seirdy @technomancy @akkartik @neauoire @lmemsm Yeah, Linux also inherited some bad ideas from Unix. A willingness to reject some of the Received Wisdom would have gone a long way in the early days; instead we got Solaris Junior.

@cancel @Seirdy @technomancy @akkartik @neauoire @lmemsm If developers as a rule could be trusted with software deployment, my entire career field would never have existed. (Systems administrators keep the promises programmers make.) I agree the Linux userland is a disaster... I just disagree about why :)

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People who make USB cables with only the power lines and no data lines: I will find you.

@kelbot @groovestomp You might also be interested in this thing:

It's a 10" e-ink Android tablet which can also act as a computer monitor. They make an 8" version as well.

@kelbot @groovestomp The thing I love the most about the remarkable is that it does NOT be a terminal, or a web browser, or a playstation, or anything else. It shows documents and accepts writing. I put scientific papers on it sometimes.

My main e-reader is a Kobo Aura One, which is somewhere between 7 and 8 inches, and it's too damn big. I read novels mostly and I want something more portable. The remarkable is too big to carry around, and stays on a bookstand next to my workstation.

@groovestomp @kelbot The other option is the new Kobo Sage. My other e-book readers are Kobo products.

I plan to get a PIneNote eventually, even though I am skeptical it will work well.

@groovestomp @kelbot The big Kindle was the Kindle DX, which I owned for many years, before selling it because doing business with Amazon is unconscionable. I currently have a ReMarkable 2 which I use every single day.

Recently, Remarkable added a slider interface you can bring up, so you can flip through PDFs with a page preview, and added a 'return to last page' button.

They also cut off most online features and gated them behind a $7.99/mo subscription, but current owners are grandfathered

@cancel @neauoire what kind of decadent bourgeoise computer can display that many colors? All I can see is orange

@neauoire this can also be written , which I have decided to pronounce fatey.

my younger kid has decided he wants to be a cardboard box for halloween and he hasn't even played metal gear solid

I ordered sixteen batteries on Ali Express. I got eight tactical flashlights and eight boxed battery boxes. The flashlights each contain two of the batteries I ordered.

I mean, I got the batteries. Fine. Just what the hell

@rek Source is "Köhler's Medicinal Plants" from the 1800s by Hermann Adolph Köhler. You can download it here:

Apple is the Harley Davidson of tech companies.

@tedu in 'A Canticle for Leibowitz' this is slowed because the surviving populace demonized education to the point where the polite form of address was 'fellow simpleton'

Power's back, networkin's up, please report lingering problems.

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The facility where my servers are colocated is without power. Waiting on a status report from them now.

@hamishcampbell @how @NGIZero privacy is a human right that transcends politics. encryption is a tool, like doors and windowshades, that people may use to protect their privacy.

"Control" in the hands of a government is different than a person's "control" over their own information; one is oppression and one is agency, even if the tools used are the same.

This is why we fight against govt-mandated backdoors in encryption standards and protocols; they effectively deny these tools to the people

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