@liw The Spam Solutions Response Template is ageless and invincible.


@onepict Back then a lot of people's internet access came exclusively through school, so I wonder if schools felt responsible to help police a service they were providing. I know people had different experiences at other schools, and American universities' tendency to act as daycare-cum-education provider was probably a part of that ethos. There was (and is) a tendency to handle administratively some things that belonged in criminal court. @kadin

@onepict @kadin I got off Facebook when it stopped being campus-only. It got worse basically immediately when that happened. It was Facebook's Eternal September moment -- every woman I knew on the platform started getting harassed from day one. Previous to that if there was a harassment problem you could file a complaint on campus, because the person would have been subject to the same school's policies. After it went 'public access' schools took a not-my-problem stance.

audio gear nerdery 

@contrapak Yes! In my living room I have an ancient crappy projector, plugged into a Dell Optiplex 7050. Coming out of the back of that machine is a USB sound card plugged into a Yamaha RX-v661. The Yamaha drives a pair of Bowers & Wilkins DM601 speakers.

At the moment the Yamaha is unplugged so I can test an old Sansui AU-217. I'm currently hunting for a record player which will go easy on my acetate, and considering adding full-size floor speakers.

continuing my teenager's education by making him watch LOLA RENNT

help me choose a mic? 

@csepp I never tried any bundles. Any old headphones should work in the monitoring port. If you'd be ok with less bang for less buck, then I strongly recommend a USB microphone, something like the Blue Snowball ICE, the Samson Q2U, or the JLab Talk. These are all pretty cheap used.

Almost without exception, XLR mics are going to be more expensive to connect to a computer than USB mics, and the quality difference at this price point isn't worth worrying about.

audio gear nerdery 

Fro the record, my audio setup is a Shure SM-58 mic, hanging off an A55HM shock mount, with an SE Dynamite pre-amp sticking out the back, plugged into a 3rd gen Focusrite Scarlett Solo.

As soon as the Volt 276 comes out, I'm replacing the SE Dynamite and the Focusrite with that.

help me choose a mic? 

@csepp The other cheap option that would work here is the Shure Motiv MVI, which has some preset equalizer options and a mute button. I prefer the Focusright because it's more versatile (you can plug an XLR mic and a 1/4" instrument jack in simultaneously, while the Shure MVI only takes one or the other at a time).

help me choose a mic? 

@csepp I recommend getting the Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Generation). You should be able to find one used for between $50 and $100 (they're $120 new I think) and they work flawlessly with Linux and are noise-free. They have switchable +48v phantom power and adjustable gain, and the 'halo lights' let you know if your levels are right. I tried a million cheap XLR USB audio interfaces and this is the best for your money.

I'd like to go on record and say that BBC America has the best logo I've seen in a while.

@conservancy What are the advanced requirements of the GPL?

@nytpu the first Dune film was at least ... interesting. This thing is two hours of "a kid moved then his dad died and he joined a gang," which should not have taken two hours.

Someone should have paid Denis Villeneuve an extra hundred thousand to cut out half an hour of sad people staring at walls.

@mersible @neauoire You have no evidence for any of these claims. I don't really care, because Bitcoin is already relegated to a speculation game for rich people, but it's not very nice to misrepresent the words of a dead man in support of your hobby.

@mersible @neauoire Buckminster Fuller died in 1983. He never expressed an opinion about your Dunning-Krugerrand.

SUVs are detrimental to city health in more ways than energy consumption. Modern SUV grill/bumper profiles are more likely to induce injury or death in a pedestrian crash. Much like with energy consumption, your technolibertarian deregulation fever dream can't help.

@faun @neauoire they cost five hundred bucks a bag and weigh ten pounds empty. you've got to *really* need this functionality for it to be worth it I guess

Congrats to the 6,000 indistinguishable Ubuntu configurations that released as entire ISOs today

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