@bhtooefr I never understood that whole line of HP calculators, but it makes sense that I wouldn't, since I had left school by the time they came out and was looking at them as bad engineering tools rather than as good educational tools. from that standpoint, it looks like the Prime is right in line, and the 'engineering' product line is really dead.

@nimbius ah yes, the old "canary in the gold mine"

@ken I never did anything explicit to encourage it. Life finds a way

My blog has almost no search engine traffic but it averages thirty thousand hits a day via rss

eat that, search engine optimization hucksters

The United States Government is filing an antitrust lawsuit against Google, and Mozilla is arguing that the USG should leave Google alone because Google pays Mozilla.

It's like the entire web industry WANTS to be dominated by SV techbros forever

Today in science on the internet:

Dr. Luis Bertelli of Los Alamos National Lab will present the tragic and bizarre story of the notorious 1987 radiological exposure incident in Brazil. Many books and articles have looked at this event, but this livestream will be special, since Dr. Bertelli is an internal dosimetrist who led a radiation assessment team that responded to this event.

The catch: it's on Youtube. The URL is youtube.com/watch?v=9s5ahO9jQp from 5 to 6 pm Pacific time today.

@bhtooefr I always thought the 'save expressions as names' approach was really weird on the HP 28s but it apparently worked if they're still using it!

@bhtooefr I am mostly frustrated by the limited stack -- I have a 50g but I'm in the same boat, I don't really NEED a 50g-class machine.

The calculus here is "if I'm going to adapt muscle memory from the 28s to something else, the New Thing needs to not screw up the rest of my habits" and XYZT isn't enough

@bhtooefr maybe I should pick one up to see if it works for day-to-day stuff... if I were younger I would be tempted to try to just write a new firmware for hte dm42 but currently that thought fills me with dread and exhaustion

@bhtooefr that is really wild, modal dialogs for program results?!

the halfassery of not having a SWAP button is frustrating. I think you're right, RPN might be fanservice edited in post rather than a design goal...

@bhtooefr how's the RPN support? I'm looking for an infinite-stack replacement for my 28s, but early Primes didn't do RPN. All the other 'modern' ones (35s, Swissmicros, etc) only have a four-element stack.

News I missed: Dorothy Parker's ashes were exhumed from their resting place at the old NAACP headquarters in Baltimore, and reinterred in her family's cemetery plot in the Bronx.

Someone "ported" the Windows Calculator to linux but cautions us it doesn't support things like keyboard input or GPU acceleration.

In a world with GPU-accelerated four-function calculator programs, nobody gets to make fun of my shitty old HP 28s.


So it turns out if you have someone's

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth

this is sufficient to cancel their ballot in the state of Washington

'Cause privacy is my middle name
My last name is control

Janet Jackson, "Nasty", 1986 album "Control," a series of treatises on info tech: interoperability ("He Doesn't Know I'm Alive"), data migration ("You Can Be Mine"), rate limiting ("Let's Wait A While"), and resource allocation ("When I Think of You").

She would revisit info tech in her 2001 album "All for You", featuring songs about availability ("Come On Get Up"), app marketing ("China Love"), and Bitcoin ("Doesn't Really Matter").

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