@esi I know at least two people who are users of conversations.im as a host. I know one person who uses hot-chilli in a small business office. I look forward to finding out more recommendations as well.


If you want to learn to do something, the Army will teach you how.

This includes taking a dump.

Complete with step-by-step pass/fail criteria so someone can rate your performance.

@peregrine Fair enough, but I'm also a combative asshole by nature. In the words of Bill Griffith, "Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere."

And yeah, I'm firmly in the "punch Nazis" camp, and I always will be.

I am not an artistic person. When I am motivated to make something, I take that seriously, because it's a lot of work for me; it doesn't come naturally. If the world moves on and the thing I made takes on new connotations, I need to evaluate that carefully to make sure I'm not letting fear override my real motivations. Otherwise I'm just building more roadblocks for myself.

@peregrine If the subject were meaningless I wouldn't have been moved to make the thing in the first place. I'm more interested in what it says about search engines than I am in what it says to uninterested third parties. But in the context of documentation, I can be convinced to make the change.

@peregrine if I'm going to renege on my choices it's going to be after the matter is thoroughly hashed out, preferably in a transparent manner.

If I'm making choices that constantly require retraction with no introspection, I'm doing something badly wrong. In this case, everything was fine for almost a decade, while the audience changed. That's fine -- but making new choices requires evaluation, not knee-jerk reaction to drive-by critics.

@peregrine I've sent the patch to the fqa maintainer and he will commit it. I told him to credit you as 'Jason'. Thanks for the patch!

just once I want someone to send an email to the bug report list like "hey, $thing sucks, here's a patch to delete it because it sucks" instead of performative social-media angrymaking

just once

Just finished chairing a board meeting where we officially recommended to the city the abolition of late fees and the decriminalization of overdue books.

It's nice to get shit done once in a while

John von Neumann was instrumental in both Mutually Assured Destruction as a defense policy and the architecture of modern computers and I'm not sure which one was a worse idea

(Prior to his interference, code and data were separate things handled by different parts of the hardware)

@bhtooefr the Park Tools BBB-4 manual might do better with Rohloff/Nexus/Sturmey-Archer hubs, as long as you're willing to accept that every tool list is also a Park Tools advertisement...

* WeGo maps by HERE -- offline, with offline navigation.
* FM 3-05.70 US Army Survival manual
* Zinn and the Art of [Road/Mountain] Bike Maintenance (pick your bike style, or get both?)
* bonus round: all 185 books in this: gutenberg.org/ebooks/bookshelf

@exquisitecorp @jameschip I've looked at this option and in the US, the regulatory burden is powerful. I'm qualified (on paper) to teach science or computing, and I've taught in the past (as a sub and as a student teacher back in university) but to get there from here would require at least a year or two of low- or no-income grinding through the process. Hard to keep the kids fed that way.

Penguin Computing, a company that does a lot of business in the US federal supercomputing space, has offered to host Parler.

I can't post a link because I am not on LinkedIn, where the offer was made.

"if you don't protect evil speech, then you won't be able to say whatever YOU want either," they told me, completely ignoring that this has always been the case anyway

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