@mntmn I'll never pay money for a touchpad again as long as I live

autonomous vehicles research is a scientific area of inquiry with the goal of making cars susceptible to the same pranks as wile e. coyote

@trondd vulnhub.com has been collecting virtual machine images to this end for some time now.

@sirjofri @striker this is the correct method. sysupdate, build, sysupdate. if something falls off, you can ask on the mailing list or on irc. we've found a couple ways to break the process, and they're all recoverable.

@mncmncmnc I got home from presenting our city library's annual report to city council, and this post was in my timeline.

A lot of people who feel like you do tend to get involved with their public libraries. Many of the volunteers and fundraisers who support our local library are themselves excellent librarians, curating their own personal stacks. I try to emulate them. I've been considering building a physical card catalog for my own collection...


This is the first official release after the migration from mercurial distributed version control system to ori’s git9.

Mercurial and Python have been removed from the distribution, but can still be installed from the snakeoil repository.


archacpi: make *acpi=1 the default

virtio: add non-legacy virtio 1.0 drivers for disk and ethernet

ircrc: freenode -> oftc

vt: allow scrolling with the mouse.



@grimmware I think it would still be a valuable tool, but maybe in light of the Gitterdammerung we should generalize it to "version control" instead. Thanks for the suggestion!

@csepp some people never got the message that you should always spay or neuter your bicycles.

get fedi hired (me) 

@theruran The Department of Energy is worker-owned, right? Technically?

Lots of opportunities around the lab, more than ever before also allowing remote work: pnnl.jobs

@vortex_egg @theruran No belittling intended! I was just going for the joke. I agree with the thesis. As someone who works in a DOE research lab, I'm painfully aware of the vagaries of "doing the research you find important" versus "doing the research the Powers That Be want to fund."

Sometimes just finding the overlap between those can be a full time job.

@vortex_egg @theruran you had a conversation with a propaganda researcher and came away convinced the field needs more funding for new research areas, eh

cooktop is mere millimeters too wide for the existing countertop cutout, necessitating a huge goddamn mess and hours of labor :(

"The GDPR is bad because it makes it harder to grow the surveillance-based advertising market" is a take that will never in a thousand years draw a shred of sympathy from me.

@OscillatingAgama @fabiscafe I've said before that I don't really care about the web, and I meant it. Clicking on popups isn't something that particularly bothers me given the accessibility failures and wasteful design 'patterns' the web embraced years before the GDPR came along.

If inch-tall banners are the price we pay to get useful privacy enforcement tools on behalf of people, fine by me. I guess the poor competitors are going to have to actually innovate instead of aping incumbents.

@steve @fabiscafe My point isn't that it's not happening. My point is that it's irrelevant. None of the companies you're thinking of have useful data, and the organizations they share it with are not capable of doing anything with it once they get it. I've worked in these sectors. It's organizational cosplay; meaningless posturing.

Meanwhile, Audacity adding telemetry has immediate and real consequences, such as barring kids under 13 from using the software: audacityteam.org/about/desktop

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