just out of curiosity I was screwing around on burger king's website

if you add a 10-piece chicken nugget order, it won't let you proceed until you've selected a dipping sauce.

if you select 'none' it still won't let you proceed ... until you increase the QUANTITY of none to '2'

there is no indication that you must order double-nothing sauce, you just have to figure it out

@tedu it should be left for the people to decide.

I vote "Mork" & "Mindy"

Please look forward to my next paper, "On the Feasibility of Stealthily Introducing Vulnerabilities on Open-Source Software via Unethical Faculty"

Wow, they're shutting down the TENS project.
This is useful stuff, and I'll miss it when it's gone.


I'm hiring, and now it's a choose-your-own-adventure edition!

Page 1:

Shambling around the internet, you come across a spectacularly-written social media post about hiring for work in open science research. You would love to work with F.A.I.R. data principles, kubernetes, and HPC. You click on the link to pnnl.jobs and see a search box. You start typing.

If you want to be a SOFTWARE engineer, search for 312005.

If you want to be a CYBER SECURITY engineer, search for 312008.

@bob this is something I've spent my career navigating. I started out as a young soldier. Today I work in environmental research, all unclassified, collaborating with scientists around the world, and with a legal mandate to make all our data available freely to the public.

As my ethical considerations have changed, I've been able to find government work that aligns with those priorities. It's not an easy road to ride, but I've been able to grow and change in govt.

It sure beats adtech.

one time I was sitting with my wife outside the terminal at the Mombasa airport and some dude walked over and said "your sunglasses -- they are randolph engineering?" and I said "yeah" and he said "very nice." and walked away

and now when I wear my sunglasses I know at least SOMEONE thinks I'm cool.

@urreta there is definitely not enough bicycle rumination in my timeline, if you're looking for topics on which to pontificate

@tedu "otherwise it's just sparkling collapse"

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RISC-V headline... reads article... more vapor.

@allison this page seems to be encrypted somehow. all the letters are disassembled and rearranged

this headline has strong balled-up-fists tears-welling-up about-to-run-home energy


@cancel count me as interested in Mattermost support in ripcord one day, for the record.

@alcinnz @ephemeral @rysiek @tomasino I've got enough solar capacity to do it, but not enough bandwidth. Envious of your setup, but I'm stuck in the datacenter for now.

@alcinnz @ephemeral @rysiek @tomasino In my experience it's damn near impossible to colocate in a green hosting facility unless you're working at scale.

If anyone knows where to colocate one-off machines with renewable energy, I'd love to know!

@allison I've always firmly believed that "I essentially started using Gentoo because my ....ing KDE clock would never show the right time in Red Hat" is the founding concept of Arch Linux

@brad 63W, or even less, would be fine, but what I'd really miss is the amperage display. It's nice to be able to verify what's drawing current and how much.

I have a couple of the Anker powerport atoms and I agree, they're good stuff!

@ephemeral @rysiek @tomasino gotta admit my eyebrows went up when I read the recommendation to use AMP

The "PinePower Desktop" was my favorite USB charging device, until I realized it just turns off sometimes for no particular reason. I'm zero for three on Pine64 devices at this point.

Any recommendations for a similar device which actually works?


@royniang if I didn't already have VGA, I would use this font. It's extremely readable without being gimmicky.

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