my wife just carries wild shit on this thing to make other people feel inadequate, I'm sure of it

At long last, it is done.

I have a surgical inspection light mounted to a ceiling track above my desk.

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The moment von Neumann ruined computers forever, as reported by the New York Times on 1947-12-12.

pretty sure my wife has ascended into some kind of ultra-bikenerd pantheon now

I have installed the carriageway onto the track. This is what the shuttle rides along. Next step involves precariously balancing the 80 lbs light+shuttle assembly while I connect wiring. Not tonight.

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I got the track installed for the medical inspection light I'm putting above my workbench. One of my kids is finally tall enough to act as a jackstand.


*.386.iso - 386 - pc (more drivers)
*.amd64.iso - amd64 -pc (less drivers)
*.pi.img - arm - paspberry pi 1, 2 and 3
*.pi3.img - arm64 - raspberry pi 3 and 4

cycv: a cyclone v kernel
acme, sam: handle >1GB files correctly
mothra: add Plumb menu item
sam: triple click selection
tar: Add pax extended header support

my kid knew he spelled a word wrong so he put a wavy underline on it like his computer does

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