So it turns out if you have someone's

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth

this is sufficient to cancel their ballot in the state of Washington




In this release:
- New date/time formatting/parsing API in libc
- Kernel updates for Raspberry PI4 8GB model
- Intel wireless driver now supports 8000 and 9000 family cards
- New Thinkpads now fully supported: T480, T495
- Big kernel PCI code overhaul

united states politics 

the Blues Brothers has been one of my top three favorite movies for most of my life

now it's 2020 and when I watch it I see some ex-convicts casually fighting nazis and immediately having to deal with police trying to kill them for several days

If you're willing to use Zoom and you want to see what my lab is up to or what Mass Spec can do for you, there's a free seminar tonight at 7:00pm Pacific time.

look at which bed my dog decided to lay on. there are three beds and we only have one dog.

she is extremely dumb.

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