acmed: (new!) x509 certificate renewal automation
rc: big rewrite, better error reporting, here documents work in functions now
ip/sol: (new!) intel amt serial-over-lan console
removed: ssl, cpu, import
wifi: intel 6250, 7260 now supported
git: tons of fixes



the bicycle appears to meet the client's requirements, featuring a background appearance by my sweet-ass jetta

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this particular collection was only released in Germany, so,


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But now nobody cares about DVDs and I could afford the shipping fees

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When this came out, I was in the wrong continent, and didn't have any damn money anyhow.

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ever have one of those days where your friend sends you a seventeen-pound smoked ham

I have an electric knife. It was not powerful enough, and stalled out.

I have a Wusthof chef's knife. I stropped it razor sharp and it lasted five minutes.

In the end the only knife I have that could stand up to the fucking thing is my old combat knife

an hours' work yielded maybe two or three pounds of sliced ham

send help

Apple's out here bragging about a 20-core chip with 128GB of RAM

get your head in the game, Tim, I've had twice as many cores as that for ages

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